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Weekly Open Water Squads Based in the Lakes of the Cotswolds


Our weekly group / squad sessions are ideal for athletes wishing to participate in a regular training session in the open water.  Our group / squad sessions offer a structured and safe environment for athletes to build their confidence, fitness, open water skills and improve their general swimming skills.  We have three types / levels of weekly sessions which will help you get the very best out of your swimming. for your events this summer, or just as a structured session with likeminded individuals who wish to improve their swimming.  

Sessions are available as individual sessions or in packs of 4, as these are squad sessions we will be working on different skills in each session so regular attendance is recommended.  If you wanted a one off session a clinic or 1-2-1 session would be more suitable.


Entry requirements for each session type
Total Beginners Open Water Squad – 100m non stop swim in any stroke (Held at Lake12)
Thursday Evening Squad sessions – 400m non stop front crawl swim for those with a CSS time of 2:20mins and below (9:20min 400m pace or less) (Held at Lake32)
Sunday Blast Squad – 300m non stop front crawl swim for those with a CSS pace of 2:30mins per 100m (10min 400m pace) (Held at Lake32)

South West Swim reserve the right to move swimmers to different sessions and levels.  If you are unable to make the new suggested session a refund or credit will be given.  This is to ensure all swimmers get the very best out of the session being delivered.
Book sessions via the booking page below, you will need to book onto each session that you wish to attend.

Pricing Options
PAYG Single Session £13.00
PAYG Four Sessions £52.00

You can book the session from below, or download our ‘South West Swim’ Booking app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  Our App makes regular bookings and management of our bookings much easier.

Total Beginners Open Water Squad


Wednesday evenings at South Cerney Outdoor (Lake12) – 6pm (time tbc)
This is a weekly 30-45 minute squad session that will allow the new open water swimmer to get familiar with the open water environment and learn open water skills, as well as building fitness to swim shorter distance events.  This sessions aim is to give swimmers confidence in open water, learn open water skills and build fitness to enable the swimmer to take part in short swim events or to progress to our novice open water squad.
This session is Ideal for those new to the sport or who lack confidence in the open water environment.  

TO take part in this session you don’t need to be able to swim Front Crawl, Just be able to swim 100m of any stroke in a pool. However the focus of this session is to TEACH & IMPROVE the Front crawl stroke so it is going to be driving your front crawl skills forward.  

This session will take apace at South Cerney Outdoor where we have EXCLUSIVE SWIM ACCESS to the lake.

Price includes lake entry costs and complimentary use of a Tow float. Ratio 1 coach / upto 8-10 swimmers (10Max)

*To book you must be able to swim 100m in a pool without stopping.   If you are unsure please contact us and we may be able to offer an alternative session.


SWS Open Water Squad Thursday Skills and Endurance

 Our Open Water Thursday Squad will combine our intermediate and Advanced swim squads from 2018.  The session will be an open water skills and endurance based session lasting 60minutes.

Each week we will focus on a different skill in the water and combine this over longer distance “blocks” of swimming.  to participate in this class you MUST have a CSS time of around 2:20 or less.  Faster swimmers please bare in mind the mix of swimmer abililties in this session.

This is a new approach to our group sessions to make them more productive in terms of number of swimmers per session.  Initially this greater mix of abilities is a trial and may change as the season moves on.

Swimmers should be – Please bae aware fo the mix of abilities in this session which could range from 1:20per 100m to 2:20per 100m.


*To book you must be able to swim 400m in a pool without stopping, with a guide time of 9:20mins or less (CSS 2:20 and below).   If you are unsure please contact us and we may be able to offer an alternative session.


SWS Open Water Sunday BLAST Squad



This new Sesison for 2019 will focus on shorter swims and honing Open Water Skills.  It will be open to swimmers how can comfortably swim Front crawl over 400m without stopping, and is aimed at those looking to compete in events over the summer months.


This event may occaisonally have to be cancelled or moved to another lake depending on the event schedules at Lake3

This 45 minute session will be held at Waterland Lake 32 every Sunday morning, combining open water skill sets such as sighting, drafting, starts, finishes, group swimming, with a dose of fitness focused work to make you stronger and more confident in the water.

We are looking to take a different approach to Open Water training in this squad.  We are excited to release a new fresh approach.

** To book this session you MUST be able to swim 400m in a time of around 10mins or have a CSS pace of 2:30 or less.  This squad will be performing shorter faster work and exercises to build fitness, as well as introducing Open Water Skills


To participate and gain entry to the lake all swimmers will need to bring:

  • Wetsuit (triathlon/swimming suit) or Swimsuit / tri-suit (we now allow non wetsuit option when the water temperature is over 20 degrees or by permission of South West Swim once we know your aims, objectives and experience.  Please contact us if you wish to swim non wetsuit so we can advise and sign this off for you.
  • Goggles
  • Bright coloured swim hat (or two for warmth) (a South West Swim hat will be given to you at the start of the session, stock dependant)
  • Swimming gloves and booties are optional (these are not recommended in hotter weather)
  • Finis Tempo Trainer – Optional for novice and distance sessions

Book online or via our App on the links above, or if you have any questions mail |

Ideas or comments on the above service, we would love to here them so please contact us.

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