An amazing offer to get you into our Pool Group Swims / Swim squads.  Swimming with a group of likeminded individuals can make a huge difference to your swimming.  We encourage and support all the way, from our coaching to you fellow swim squad members. Come and give it a try, or speak to us to find out more.
** TRY US OUT 4 PACK POOL SQUAD SPECIAL #JoinUs **  (not currently valid for our new Wednesday session)
We are  always expanding our pool squads and we want you to see and feel what we do to make sure we fit your expectations.  Swimmers who have not swum in the pool with us before can sign up for 4 pool sessions for just £20, thats much cheaper than a public swim but with Swim Smooth: The World’s Most Passionate Swim Coaching! Certified Coaching icing the top of your swim cake.  Book below selecting the special Try Us Out pricing option.  If you want to find out about our pool squads and the way we train see our Blog Post Here

Pool Squad CoachingSwim Smooth Pool Squads

We believe we think differently when it comes to pool training, and our swimmers seem to agree, both new and established. We train athletes from the early stages of their front crawl development through to Ironman athletes and long distance and channel swimmers………… and everything in between.

We have had huge success with our athletes using our methods.  We are Swim Smooth Certified (Jason Tait, Head Coach) and separate our sessions into the different aspects of training so you get the most out of each session and you’re training week.

Sessions can be purchased either as one session only, through to session credit blocks.  This means you can join (depending on availability) any of our squad sessions to meet your training needs or work / life / training balance.

We offer 5 Pool Squad sessions that are based in Swindon, see booking screen below

Swim Smooth Pure Technique Squad - Tuesdays (x2) and Thursdays (x1), Mixed ability, highly focused swim technique sets

Tuesday Pool Squad Technique, Fitness and Open Water skills
Location: Swindon
Time: Tuesdays 8-9pm (Set 1) and 9-10pm (Set 2)
Thursdays 8-9pm (Set 1)
Coached By: Jason Tait, Swim Smooth Certified Coach

A focused technique session to make your stroke better and more efficient.  This session will be highly technique driven but in turn will build fitness and speed.  Training is delivered by Jason Tait, certified Swim Smooth Coach and will focus on low mileage but great form and technical learning.  We will also be teaching key open water skills during some sessions to add that South West Swim open water twist.

On a Tuesday we will run two different sets, Set 1 & Set 2.  This means athlete brave enough to take on 2 hours of swimming can do so, back to back.  Thursday sees a repeat of Tuesdays set 1, enabling those swimmer who want to join both days a variation of workout.  this squad undertakes a CSS Benchmark test every 8 weeks approx, and we will also run Open Water technique sets through the winter months.

The Technique sessions will be designed to complement our Friday & Sunday squad session so you can partake in 1 or both types with a structured progression (dependant on availability).

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required (its not 100% vital but will help).   Book Now

Swim Smooth Friday Squad, session type RED MIST or Technique Endurance

Friday Pool Squad – RED MIST / Endurance Technique
Location: Swindon
Time: Fridays 6-7am

Coached By: Jason Tait, Swim Smooth Certified Coach

A hard and fast session, but within ALL athletes abilities as paces are calculated on YOUR CSS pace.  This session will be highly driven and use CSS or RED MIST pacing from your tempo trainer, this will build endurance, fitness and speed getting you race ready.

This session will alternate between a RED MIST set and a Endurance Technique Set to give a well rounded training approach.  Expect a great wake up call, lots of team working and improved endurance, speed and skills in your swimming.

Tempo trainers are provided but we highly recommend this pete of equipment if you also train outside of our sessions.

This session will be designed to complement our other squads so you can partake in all our session types with a structured progression (dependant on availability).

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required (its not 100% vital but will help).   Book Now

Swim Smooth Pacing, Endurance & Open Water Skills - Sunday Squad

Sunday Pool Squad – Fitness, Endurance, Technique & Open Water Skills (rotating session types)
Location: Swindon
Time: Sundays 15:30-16:45
Coached By: Jason Tait, Swim Smooth Certified Coach
Our Sunday Squad runs year round, in Spring / Summer between 15:30-16:45 .  As with all our sessions this squad is multi ability so various levels of athlete take part.  The Sunday squad can focus on all aspects of your swim from pacing and longer distance swims, Shorter sprint sessions, Technique sessions as well as open water skills and occasional cross training sets (a swimmers favourite).

We use CSS based training methods so tempo trainers are well used, session distances can vary from 2km to 4km.  We encourage all abilities of swimmer so don’t let speed and distances worry you as we write different versions of the set for different ability groups.

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required (its not 100% vital but will help).   Book Now

Single Session PAYG
5 Session PAYG (BLUK)
10 Session PAYG (03mth EXPIRY)
25 Session PAYG (BLUK)
50 Session PAYG (BLUK)
BLUK = But Let Us Know, meaning you have flexibility in cancelling individual sessions but you just let us know within the given time scales or your account will be charged.
IMPORTANT - Pool Kit Required

Recommended kit to bring to a session:

  • Paddles (pref FINIS Freestyler paddles and Finis Agility Paddles)
  • Fins (to aid kick drills)
  • Pull Buoy
  • Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
  • Nice to have item – Centre Snorkel (to aid body position drills)

Kit can be purchased (if needed) from our online store at, please let us know if you find it cheaper elsewhere and we will try our best to match.  It must be noted that you may not be able to use some of this kit in your own public sessions, this is very much dependant on your pool policies.
In addition to the above the other item I would highly recommend is a Finis Tempo Trainer Pro as this will help build pacing skills into your swimming and is a good aid to guide and build fitness levels.  We will occasionally use these in our Sunday squad sessions for our fitness and pacing sets.  Again, this tool is not vital but will help you dramatically and become your best ever training buddy outside of our coached sessions).  This product is available through South West Swim here.

Wednesday Daytime Squad - NEW April 2018

Wednesday Daytime Squad – 10am (moving to 9:30am in June)


***  PLEASE NOTE: Our ‘Try Us Out’ Package is not currently available for use with this session  ***

This squad session is designed to give a well rounded approach to swimming by covering a different session type every week on a constant rotation.

Timed for shift workers, parents on the school run and those with time during the day this squad will be ideal for your training.  Be you a fitness swimmer, triathlete or open water swimmer we will use our Swim Smooth and South West Swim magic to improve your swim fitness and technique.
This session will initially start at 10am-11am, but will move to 9:30am-10:30am in June.