Endless Pool & Video Analysis Coaching

At South West Swim we have our own Endless Pools Swimming machine.  This is a fantastic facility for providing our Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis & Stroke Correction service, as well as our standard 1-2-1 sessions.  In an endless pool session you are the only athlete in the pool, so its a very private and individual coaching experience.

Our Video Analysis session is the premier services for getting your swim in tip top shape.  We will video you from various angles and then analyse the footage poolside, before getting you in to work on areas that will really improve your stroke.  Head Coach Jason will take the session and as a Swim Smooth Certified Coach you will have the very best in coaching available during the session, and after the session with the Swim Smooth fault correction plans, training sets and swim type plans.  You get access to the Swimsmooth.guru software for 1 month to really get to grips with your stroke.  See the Video Analysis page for full details.

Our standard 1-2-1 sessions are also a great way to tweak your stroke.  In a 1-2-1 we may show you video of your swim for a mental picture of your stroke and we will help you develop in the session and send you away with some constructive drills to perform.

We also have our adult Learn to Swim front crawl program and Junior Programs in the endless pool too.

More details on the individual services pages.