ChillSwim (SwimSecure) Dry Bag Window


Be Safe and be seen.  We are now proud stockists of Chillswim (SwimSecure) tow floats and tow dry bags, some bill these as one of the must haves of the open water swimming world, especially if you swim in small groups or in busy areas.

These great devices attach around your waist and are pulled along with you when you swim, providing clear visibility of you to other water users and also a buoyancy device should you require a rest, easily supporting the weight of an adult (please note these devices are NOT sold as lifesaving or swimming aid).  When swimming the tow float causes minimal drag and in most weather conditions you will not even know it is behind you, whilst you will be safe in the knowledge that it is with you should you need it and you can be clearly seen in the water.

This product is the DryBag Window.  Not only a tow float but a place to keep clothes dry  and valuables safe when you are swimming as per the normal dry bag, however it also has a window for your phone (for valuables, electronic keys and electronic devices it is also recommended that you put the items in a waterproof bag for a second layer of safety, the Dry bag window INCLUDES this item, details of which can be seen here. There is no need to order this item separately ).

We use these aids in some of our  coaching sessions so you may see them out and about in Lake 32 or Lake 12 this season.

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Please note: The Window model does not hold air as well as other dry bags over extended periods of time; however this does not affect the flotation or ability to keep things dry. We’ve tested every product, and the window dry bag will not leak air within 4 hours (plenty of time for most swims). This product is made from a different material from the other inflatable dry bags.