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HUUB Big Buoy 4

South West Swim Say:

This is the new version of the brilliant HUUB Big Buoy, the difference being one side is smooth to make training a little easier for the swimmer, whereas the other side of the buoy is flat, causing drag and giving a harder workout.  Jason from South West Swim was lucky enough to test the prototype of this product last year and it really does make a difference.  Having the buoy in drag positioning meant that the time per 100 metres was slower by 5 seconds when compared to wearing it in the more streamlined position. This test was repeated with both touch turns and tumble turns yielding the same results of a 5 second difference.

HUUB say:

Huub are renowned for thinking outside the square and the Huub Big Buoy ticks all the right boxes for swimmers.

Until now swimmers have basically been offered a one size fits all approach for pull buoys frustrating both swimmers and coaches. For larger swimmers and leg sinkers, traditional pull buoys just don’t cut it and offer little assistance in improving body alignment.

The Huub Big Buoy offers a massive 34 Newtons, compared to standard pull buoy that on average is just 17 newtons. For athletes training for wetsuit swims the Big Buoy is the perfect training partner and allows swimmers to simulates the leg lift offered by Huub wetsuits.

Given wetsuits and chlorine are not friends, the big buoy offers a genuine alternative with Improved Body Alignment, Massive Floatation and enables the swimmer to Replicate Wetsuit Swimming in Training Offers A Massive 34 Newtons of buoyancy floatation. (Most pull buoys offer just 17 Newtons)


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