Swim Smooth Book


If you love the way we coach our squads and perform our 1-2-1 and Video analysis sessions then you will truly love this book.

The book contains Swim Smooth’s complete coaching program, including:

• How to develop every aspect of your freestyle stroke technique and avoid common pitfalls while doing so.

• Swim Smooth’s complete drill set to refer to with detailed descriptions and photos.

• An up-to-date understanding of what makes an efficient and fast freestyle stroke.

• How to take a truly individual approach to your swimming, so that you develop a stroke style that works for you.

• Using Swim Smooth’s ‘Swim Types’ system to understand what is holding you back and improve your individual stroke, including detailed development processes for each Swim Type.

• Getting into open water for the first time and taking on the challenge of your first open water or triathlon event.

• Becoming a great open water swimmer, overcoming anxiety and developing those critical open water skills.

• Developing your specific swimming fitness, a much overlooked and misunderstood subject but something that can make a huge difference to your comfort and level of performance.

• Combine our unique skeleton structure with detailed sets and training sessions to transfer what you’ve learnt in the book into practical workouts you can follow in the pool. Using this structure you can create over 5000 unique sessions to follow!

• Technique development sets specific to your individual stroke style and level of swimming to get you off a performance plateau you may be on.

• Dry land strength and conditioning methods to improve your swimming

• Developing your pool skills including tumble (flip) turns, dives and starts. Advice on joining and making the most of a masters swim squad.

• Detailed advice on preventing and managing swimming injuries.

• Swim Smooth’s structured and easy to read writing style combined with hundreds of photos and diagrams explaining everything very clearly.

• Published by John Wiley & Sons, one of the biggest publishing companies in the world.

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