Our Open Water 1-2-1’s are in fact your Open Water 1-2-1’s as they are tailored to your exact needs.  

Our 1-2-1 sessions are 60 minute time slots, and we have sessions available 7 days a week during open water season.

We coach from the two premier swim lake locations in The Cotswolds, Lake32 (Waterland) and Lake86 (Cotswold Water Park Hire).  You can book your session based on lake location, or if you are not bothered where you swim search by suitable date and time.

You can check our availability online or via our website / booking system or by downloading our mobile App (Search for South West Swim in the App Store or the Google Play Store).

See our video on how to book your session at https://youtu.be/nCA4Hb7iy4c 

1-2-1 Cost (please note 1-2-1 session are also valid in our endless pool facility so you can swap between the two if purchasing a session pack):
Single session £60
3 session Pack £171
6 Session Pack £330
(see booking page or app for relevant expiry dates for packs)

Small Group sessions 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 (Currently unavailable due to Covid-19)

Single session £40 Cost PER SWIMMERWe can take a maximum of 3 swimmers.

Choose your session pack option at checkout when booking.

AUGUST UPDATE (IMPORTANT NOTE DURING OUR COVID RECOVERY):  Due to the pools reopening in August we may find that some of our session times will be changing for 1-2-1 Open Water ? Endless Pool sessions as these could clash with any allocated pool time we are given for our squad sessions.  In these instances we may need to re-arrange any booked open water or Endless pool 1-2-1 sessions if they can no longer be held at the times we have in our system currently.  If we have to do this I apologise in advance, sadly I have not had confirmation of our pool time as yet but it is likely to affect and change some of our open water 1-2-1- availability from August 3rd for the rest of the season.  If this ends up affecting you I apologise in advance for any cancellations and reschedules, but please bare this in mind when booking your session.  We will get you in the water, we may just need to do it at a different time.  Apologies for the unknown element in this situation over the coming months.

We offer you the very best in 1-2-1 open water coaching at the best swimming lakes in the Cotswolds.  Be it just getting into the water for the first time, stroke correction, improvement in wetsuit swimming, or a progressive program to help you reach certain times or qualifications.  We can help you.

IMG_5141The Coach
Jason, Your South West Swim and Swim Smooth Certified coach is one of the only fully qualified ASA & STA Level 2 Open Water Specialist Coaches in the south west region.  We utilise our vast experience and coaching knowledge to give you a productive and focused session, with encouraging progression and support.  As you can expect all stroke correction methods are built around our Swim Smooth methods, as they would be in any one of our pool sessions.  So don’t be surprised if we produce some innovative training aids and methods to help your swim in a stroke correction focused 1-2-1……………yes, even in the lake.

What You Get In Your 1-2-1 Session (or 2-2-1 / Small Bespoke group session)

Each participant in one of our 1-2-1 sessions receive:
– Expert open water coaching from Jason Tait, qualified STA & Swim England Open Water Specialist Coach .
Swim Smooth: The World’s Most Passionate Swim Coaching! A Certified Coach, Bringing you the best in stroke analysis, correction and technique methods as favoured by ITU, BTF & Swim England.
– Written review with a 30day access code to the www.swimsmooth.guruso you can continue to work on your skills after our session in a productive way, be it Open Water or stroke technique.
– post session support with availability of pool or open water based squad sessions, clinics, workshops, video analysis or further 1-2-1’s if desired.
– Sessions taken in the water or via SUP board depending on the swimmers individual needs and goals.

2-2-1 sessions or 3-2-1 Sessions. (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS)


We are able to offer multi person sessions or small group sessions to enable session sharing, these sessions will focus on Open water Skills only.  We do not offer these sessions to work on stroke correction or stroke technique as each individual will have different needs and require different learning paths and tweaks.  If you wanted stroke correction and development you must book into an individual 1-2-1 session.

These sessions will be 50mins in length as per our normal 1-2-1 session, each swimmer will be required to book the session online with their own account and profile on our system.

We can hold a maximum of 3 swimmers in each session and all swimmers must be of a similiar ability and speed to get the most out of the session.

If a group session is booked and only one swimmer arrives at the session the remainder of the charge for a standard 1-2-1 session will be applied.

When And Where 
We can offer sessions at two lakes in the cotswolds over 7 days of the week between April and September.  All availability can be found in our booking system by  searching for a convenient and available session time.  Session location is dictated by time and day booked, we do not sell sessions based on venue so if you wish to have your session at a certain lake please book a suitable time (in rare occasions locations may be changed in some emergencies or due to events, we will advise if this is the case)

To participate in a 1-2-1 session all swimmers will need to bring: 

  • Wetsuit (triathlon/swimming suit) – non wetsuit swimming will be considered but this must be cleared by Jason Tait, Head coach.  please contact us if you wish to swim non wetsuit and we can accommodate depending on your experience.  We do coach a number of channel swimmers and marathon swimmers non wetsuit, if this is your goal please let us know so we can accommodate.
  • A Tow Float – COVID-19.  For the 2020 season swimmers must use a tow float in the water.  This can be your own, or one of ours which will be cleaned before your sessions.  You will be given an option to purchase a tow float when booking your session should you wish to buy your own
  • Goggles
  • Bright coloured swim hat (or two) – We have our own very funky hats for sale at cost price.
  • OPTIONAL: A Tempo Trainer – If you have one bring one, if you don’t we can lend you one (sanitised before use for Covid-19 compliance)
  • OPTIONAL: Swimming gloves, booties and neoprene hats are optional but only recommended for cooler months.  (Swim and Triathlon kit available from South West Swims Store)


Athlete Booking Note:  Bookings for our sessions need to be in the ATHLETES name and therefore that person will require their own account on our system, this also applies to junior sessions. Sessions booked on behalf of somebody else (not in the athletes name) cannot be made.

2-2-1 or Small Bespoke Group Sessions (We hope to be able to reintroduce these in 2021, COVID restrictions permitting)

Session Sharing –  If you would like to have a session with a friend, or organise a bespoke small group booking then this is possible at a cost of £40 per person.  However, we will only facilitate these sessions if they are for introduction to open water or open water skills based sessions. We do not deliver these sessions if you are looking for technical stroke input, as we treat the swimmers as individuals regards to stroke corrections and is therefore not productive for the swimmers in the session.  If you wish to develop your technical stroke development then please book a 1-2-1 session so that we can get the most out of your swimming.

Also available –
Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke correction (Pool) – Our premier service on offer.  Details can be found on our Video Analysis page

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