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South West Swim sessions for competitive junior swimmers & triathletes aged 11/12 plus

Supporting and encouraging young swimmers by supplementing their club programs

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Encouraging and supplementing young club swimmers along their swim pathways


South West Swim offer individual coaching to junior swimmers from around the UK.  Our aim is to provide supplementary technical coaching on a 1-to-1 basis, sessions in the open water or providing session types that may be difficult for a club to deliver.  We have delivered sessions to swimmers from some of the top clubs in the South West of England


Having competitive swimmers in the Tait household we know what it is like to be swim parents, and have eager swim children.  Our SWS Junior offerings are designed to complement a clubs training program, not replace it, and we provide in-depth technical stroke coaching and open water sessions.

South West Swim Junior Coaching

Support not replace

We look to support swimmers journeys and not replace their club training.  We have worked with and alongside various clubs across the South West, but have also coached individuals from some of the biggest and most successful clubs in the region.  All of our coaching services are provided as supplementary support to clubs and individuals, we do not run our own junior swim club.

Experienced Coaching

Head Coach Jason Tait has spent years working with age group swimmers across all four strokes.  Volountering for a local club he has coached learn to swim beginners through to national qualifiers.

Jason is a level 2 Swim England coach & teacher and specialises in stroke correction and open water swimming.

Learning through technology (Endless Pool Sessions)

We are able to use technology to show the swimmer how they are interatcing withh the water, which is a fantastci learning tool.  Couple this with coach to swimmer headsets to correct the swimmer whilst swimming and we can really develop results in our sessions

Stroke development

Our endless pool facility in swindon offers a unique opportunity for close up coaching and stroke development.  We can offer Video analysis fro front crawl swimmers, or 1-to-1 session for front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly

Open Water Swimming

We can coach junior swimmers on a 1-to-1 or group basis.  We work together with our lake providers to give a swimmer the safety and skills knowledge to swim in open water and offer ‘lake sign off’.  We work towards the Swim England Open Water Certificate standards in the open water environment.

Club Support

We can offer bespoke sessions for clubs in both our endless pool, open water or as front crawl swim smooth clinics.  If you are a club official and wish to enquire about our services please email us, we would love to be able to get involved.

Full commercial insurance

South West Swim hold commercial level insurance for all activities we undertake.  Commercial level insurance is required for coaches offering paid for (professional) services.  If clubs utilise our services then our insurance is in affect for the session, rather than any club insurance.

How to book Your Junior Swimmers Session

Once you have decided what session type you would like to join us in booking is pretty simple. 

All of our sessions are scheduled and booked online through our booking system, or our funky South West Swim mobile App.  

The session MUST be booked in the Junior swimmers name, this is for insurance purposes.  You can register an account for yourself as a parent account, and then add a ‘child account’ in the swimmers name and switch to that account to book the session.  Alternively you can just create 1 account in the junior swimmers name and book.  Please see the videos opposite / below for video guidance.

Scheduling a 1-to-1 means that you can search for the best time and venue to suit your needs without emailing us back and forth to agree a time.  Simply head to the booking system on the links below (or download the app), create an account, search for your ideal 1-to-1 session time, select it, pay and then sit back and wait excitedly for your session to come around.  If you cant see a date and time that suits you then please do contact us.  We are a full time coaching company and may be able to offer a bespoke time for you.

Group sessions are also booked online, just choose the date and time of the session you wish to join and book in.

 Of course we are always open to talk and discuss your needs further so please do get in touch via email if you need additional advice, guidance or want to ask about specific times. 


Creating a Parent / Child account to book your session

Our Session Types, Book Yours Online Now

Junior Video Analysis

Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis is also available for competitive Junior swimmers aged 12+ with a County Level qualification time

More Details

Video Analysis is a much sought after method of improvement in any sport and is open of our most popular sessions for adult swimmers of all levels.

But we can also offer this class leading service to competitive swimming club or triathlon club swimmers who want to progress their front crawl times by means of improved technique within the stroke.

Junior analysis sessions are available to swimmers with County qualification times and who are aged 12 – 15 years (swimmers over 14/15 would be more beneficial with a full analysis).

A junior analysis session is simply a cut down version of the full adult service, with a shorter analysis part of the session in order to hold the younger swimmers focus and attention.  We will work with the swimmer to translate the improvement that need to be made into drills or focus point swimming, depending on how their club trains in their sessions.

We are also happy to work with coaches from other clubs should they wish to attend the session with their swimmers.

We truly believe there is no better video service out there, with as much take home material and expertise.

Endless Pool 1-2-1 Sessions, 

Just For Juniors!

As well as our premier Swim Smooth Junior Video Analysis & Stroke Correction sessions we also offer a standard 1-2-1 sessions in our private Endless Pool in Swindon.


More Details

A 1-to-1 session is designed as a more regular session for the athlete looking for constant input and improvement in their swimming, however we can also see you as a one off client.  

We will work with the junior swimmer to develop their swimming, complementing what they are doing on a daily basis in their club sessions.  We are able to cover sessions for Front Crawl, Butterfly and Breaststroke in our Endless Pool, but sadly cannot cater for backstroke swimmers (due to the nature of the pool).

We are also happy to work with coaches from other clubs should they wish to attend the session with their swimmers.




Introduction to Open Water Swimming at Cotswold Waterpark Hire (Lake86) , 

Just For Juniors!  

During 2021 we are working with Cotswold Waterpark Hire to enable your g swimmers to swim at their lake.  The lake rules state that 12-16 years olds are not allowed to swim at Lake86 unless they have been signed off by an Open Water Swimming Coach.


More Details

This Workshops is aimed at those young swimmers who wish to be able to swim at the lake and will work through open water skills, safety and lake specific guidelines.

The session is open to all young swimmers aged 12 (by the end of the year) – 18 years old who hold a County qualification time.  Please note that these are FRONT CRAWL workshops and the swimmers 400m test swim would need to be done in the front crawl stroke.

We are also available to swimming and triathlon clubs to book this workshop session for their club as a private session.

 Our first session in may is available to book now, with others being listed online later in the season if demand is needed.  We can also sign off swimmers on a 1-to-1 basis.

 Open Water Squad Sessions (New & Coming soon for 2021, COVID restrictions allowing)

Just For Juniors!

Open water swimming for junior swimmers is hard to facilitate for many clubs and parents so South West Swim are looking into holding a regular fortnightly session specifically for the kids.

Two squads are offered depending on age and ability:

COUNTY – Swimmers aged 12-14 years old (by the end of the year) with a minimum of a county qualification time, and with open water experience*.

 REGIONAL / NATIONAL – Swimmers aged 14-18 years old (by the end of the year) with a MINIMUM of a regional time, and with open water experience*.

*If a swimmer has not been in the open water environment before they will need to complete a junior intro to open water session, either as our group workshop or a 1-to-1 based session. 

More Details

NEW FOR 2021

A weekly 60 minute squad / group session for competitive junior club swimmers or triathletes

This session will be split into one week of open water skills and stroke focused work, and the next week of Swim Sets using various intensity levels.  Rotating through the season and giving you a great mix of development.

Tow floats and wetsuits are mandatory for this session, however we may sign off swimmers for non swetsuit swimming depending on experience and the competitions they are training for and the air and water temperatures at the time of the session.

To provide an all round experience this session will take place in both Lake32 and Lake86 and we will advise the location for the weeks nearer the time.  This gets the swimmer used to different open water environments.



South West Swim Pool Mini Workshops (No workshops are planned at the moment due to COVID Implications)

Just For Juniors!


Our Mini workshops will work on different aspects of a swimmers stroke and are proving quite popular, so we have made them a a semi regular occurrence every 4-6 weeks.


More Details

We welcome swimmers from swimming and triathlon clubs (or swimmers meeting the criteria that do not swim in a club environment) who are at, or near, a minimum of a county level front crawl time, through to regional level swimmers and above. See http://www.wiltshireswimming.co.uk/?page_id=133 for information and clarification.

As with all our other junior sessions they are designed to compliment a swimmers regular training in club sessions, providing a highly focused technique session with lower swimmer numbers that may not be possible in busy squad environment.

Click on the Find Out More link for current dates and schedule.

These sessions are mainly Front Crawl based but we do touch on other strokes, Diving and Turns in some sessions (where noted)


SWS Junior Open Water Summer Camp

Details to be released spring / summer 2021, COVID dependant.


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