Lockdown – Swim At Home Sessions

FREE Sessions for you to swim at home in your Tethered, Endless or Counter Current Pool.  

If you are swimming in a Tethered pool, Endless Pool or Countercurrent / Spa pool then we can understand that your sessions can become a little dull, and less challenging.

In order for you to keep your mojo flowing and provide and interesting and productive swim we have a number of session that you can print off for FREE*, take out to your pool and get going with a great session.

We test all session before releasing them ourselves, either by coaching them or swimming them.  All sessions are written by Swim Smooth Certified Coach Jason Tait of South West Swim.  They are a mixture of Technique, HiiT based sessions and longer swim sessions with either a technical focus or a bit of Ooomph.

Also, we don’t want these just to be random exercises you do, we aim to educate on technique and why we are doing some of the drills in the session, almost like we are delivering the session with you poolside.  So please be sure to watch the Introduction and Education Video on YouTube before doing the session.

Download the sessions from the section further below, we hope you enjoy them.

Have You Tried Our Ground Breaking Swim At Home Sessions?

These sessions are a LIVE coached group session with swimmers in their own Pools taking direction over the Zoom Application.  These are taking place at 3pm on Saturdays during May and are FREE of charge (with optional session fee donation).  These are very much concept sessions to see what we can do by stretching ourselves as coaches and swimmers.
See the link below, please be sure to read ALL of the information before booking including equipment needed, tips and disclaimer.

Optional Session Fee Donations. If you enjoyed the session feel free to contribute to our work.

As mentioned above all of these sessions are downloadable and FREE of charge.  We put a lot of work into our free content and sessions to give you the best and most productive experience we can via distance ‘Swim Learning”

If you have enjoyed the session you have just swum and want to contribute to South West Swim (especially in the Pandemic period) then please feel free to do so.

Suggested Donations on our booking system link are either £4, £6 or £10, or feel free to donate any amount you wish via PayPal.  If you choose to support us then it is very much appreciated,  If you cant for any reason then please still enjoy the sessions, our main aim is to keep athletes swimming, healthy and ffit.

Download The Swim At Home Sessions Below.  Remember to view the YouTube Videos for Each Session to Enhance Your Swim and Swim Learning Experience. 

Download Week 1
Download Week 2
Download Week 3
Download Week 4
Download Week 5
Download Week 6
 Download Week 7 
Download Week 8
Download Week 9
Download Week 10

Download Week 11 (New Session)