This new session is designed to give channel and marathon swimmers an experience of starting their swimming in the dark and swimming as the sun comes up.  This is a common practice for those attempting tidal or long distance swims.

We will be swimming in small pods, each covered by a safety kayaker or SUP boarder and the swimmer must stay with their allocated group.  Glow sticks will be provided for the swimmers as we start our swim in the middle of the night, swimming for around 30-60 minutes before the light changes and dawn starts to catch up with us.

This swim will be around 3 hours in length (tbc) and is designed as a training ‘experience’ rather than a hard and fast training swim, please note this as we will need to keep pdf together for safety reasons.  We are looking to start this swim between 3am and 4am and the exact time will be confirmed nearer the date.

In the event of very bad weather we may decide to cancel this swim on safety grounds, sadly this may not happen until we see the conditions lakeside.

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