Aquaphobia Sessions

Are you afraid of the water? Do not worry, you are not the only one. In the UK 13.8 MILLION people won't go into a swimming pool due to fear of the water. IF this sounds familiar then expert help is at hand with our Aquaphobia sessions.

Head Coach Jason Tait is a Level 2 Advanced Aquaphobia Coach







Helping You overcome your fear of water and learn to embrace a life in the water for leisure, pleasure or spending time with your children. 

South West Swim head Coach Jason Tait is an advanced Level 2 ALP Aquaphobia coach, and South West Swim have the status of a Registered ALP Swim School.
Combining our ALP qualifications and years of experience in helping nervous swimmers into the water we can help you overcome your phobias. 

If you have a fear of water it can be a  life limiting physical and mental factor for an individual.  Millions of people worldwide are afraid of the water, to varying degrees.

Many aquaphobics
– Don’t know why they are scared of water
– Don’t know why they can’t swim
– Don’t know where they can go for help
– Don’t know who they can ask for help
– Don’t know if their teacher would fully understand your fear, and appreciate  how scared this can make you feel

If this is you, please do get in contact with us as we can help you.  Our specialist qualifications allow us to work with you  in a fully structured way, working at your own pace  based on your own level of phobia.

We will work with you on a 1-to-1 basis in our own Endless Pool, and we can also work with you in open water   (we will gauge the suitability for  an open water session with you).

Soon we hope to be able to bring small class structures to our Aquaphobia clients as well.



South West Swim Aquaphobia Coaching

Fully qualified Advance Aquaphobia Level 2 coach

Our ALP training ensures we can approach your fear of the water in a individul and structured way, using tried and tested methods and techniques.

Working at your own pace

We understand different people will have different levels of aquaphobia.  Our initial session with you will work to determine this level of phobia, and will be away from the water.  We use a process known as the P.A.R, that determines your personal ability range by your Aquaphobic Coach asking a set of questions to determine your background fears and prior experiences.

Working in a no pressure environment

We are not going to rush you, and it is important to note that these are not swimming lessons but lessons in the process of getting our learners to feel at one with the water at a basic level.  As we progress through the ALP process we will start to develop more swim based skills, and when you are ready we can move swimmers into our swim lessons.

Private facilities

Your initial sessions will take place in our own private endless pool.  This gives you a fantastic and safe enviropnment for your sessions, with 1 on 1 attention with your Aquaphobic coach.  We can then progress your sessions to open water if this is one of your golas, or into our group sessions when available.

Group Sessions

We hope to be able to bring you Aquaphobia group sessions soon.  Group sessions will be available for those who have developed sufficient skills and allow you to learn the next steps with others in the water.

We are in discussions to bring these to you when we can do so safely, and within any COVID19 restrictions.


Years of experience as both swimmers and coaches

South West swim has coached well in excess of 1500 individual swimmers gaining a reputation for friendly, quality coaching and the go to swim coaching provider in the area.

Our new Aquaphobia coaching speciality means we can combine this swim coaching experience with specialist skills to enable new learners to enjoy the water safely and in a fun and productive way.

Full commercial insurance

South West Swim hold commercial level insurance for all activities we undertake.  Commercial level insurance is required for coaches offering paid for (professional) services.

How Do I know If Aquaphobia Coaching is right for me?


Our Aquaphobia sessions are specialist sessions to enable a learner with a fear of water to progress  and overcome. 

The sessions are designed to take into account your fears and work towards overcoming the and giving you a new life in and around water. 

IF you have a fear of water, at any level then we  will be able to help guide and support you through a process to overcome these fears. 

Our sessions  are designed to support a learner from getting into the water, to getting a feel for the water on hands and face, floating and importantly enjoying the water.  Our eventual aim is for you to be able to conquer your fears so that you can enjoy learning to swim, taking part in water sports or simply enjoying time with your children and family.




What can I expect in my first session with you?

Your first session will take place away from the water, and not in the water.  We use a process to gauge where you are on the “Fear Scale’ by asking you questions based on your phobia and previous experiences in the water.

This process will be done with your Aquaphobic coach online or in person and will allow you to get to know your coach, and your coach to get to know you.

From there we will be able to gauge a good starting point for your development.

How to book Your Session


We are currently putting together our Aquaphobia sessions and would love you to be one of the first people that we help.

Further details will be published once we are able to offer sessions after the current UK Covid19 lockdown.

To be the first to hear about these sessions then please drop us an email below and your Aquaphobia coach will contact you directly.

Aquaphobia Session Types

Aquaphobia 1-to-1 Session

An individual session working with you to overcome a fear of the water.  We will work with you individually to gain an understanding of your level of phobia and work towards overcoming this fear so you can learn to enjoy the water.

More Details

All of our 1-to-1 based sessions are coached by Jason Tait, an advanced level 2 Aquaphobia Coach.

Jason is fully qualified with ALP, He can also bring insights to your swimming from his experience as a Swim Smooth Certified coach, Swim England Teacher, Coach, and open water coach.  He is also a qualified STA open Water Coach and open water tutor.

Aquaphobia Groups

It is our intention to be able to bring Aquaphobia learning groups to our learners in the long term.  These will be small group sessions that our learners can develop into after their initial 1-to-1 sessions.

More information on this to follow in 2021. 

More Details

We are currently working on developing this offering but have been hindered a little by COVID19.  Details of how we can develop this will be made available later in 2021.

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