Swim Smooth Clinics & Workshops

Offering in-depth sessions in the pool or open water environments

From the world famous “Swim Smooth Day Clinics” to our highly rated open water introductions and skills sessions, our clinics offer an opportunity to really boost your swimming.

Bringing you sessions with a difference


South West Swim hosts a range of clinics across the South West, from our Millfield school Swim Smooth stroke correction clinic through to open water workshops in the cotswolds.  Our aim is to offer you a first class, focused learning experience



South West Swim Clinics & Workshops

Swim Smooth Stroke Correction Clinics

A day you will remember.  These clinics are much sought after and offer a day of learning about the world class Swim Smooth coaching methodology.  Each swimmer receives individual filming and video analysis, alongside two pool sessions and classroom learning.

This clinic is the start of your journey to become a better swimmer with more in depth knowledge on how to change your stroke.

Introduction To Wild Swimming

We can now offer a small group version of our popular 1-to-1 based session for the non competitive swimmer.

This session is aimed at the non front crawl swimmer who wants to start open water swimming for mental and physical well being.  We will guide you through acclimatisation and safety, and get you swimming with us in deeper water.  A safe and ideal start to your open water journey, without stress but with lots of relaxing and fun.

Introduction To Open Water & Triathlon Swimming

This session is our passion and what drives us every season as it is an amazing feeling getting new swimmers into the water and enjoying their open water.

This session is aimed at new and novice open water swimmers who wish to get into the lakes for pleasure, leisure or competition.

Your coaches will guide you through all the do’s and don’t of open water and teach you some key skills that you will need for any events you are doing.

Open Water Safety Essentials Mini Workshops

An original idea from South West Swim.

The explosion and popularity of open water swimming in recent years has led to more swimmers taking to the water from non swimming or pool swimming backgrounds.

Our Safety Essentials Mini Workshops aim to give new swimmers a basic understanding of the open water environment and how to handle emergency situations and self rescue.

We are working closely with our lake providers to give you these sessions so you will learn some fundamental general skills and also some venue specific safety.

Open Water Skills Essential Tune Ups

These clinics offer very focused advice on coaching on key open water skills.  You will be guided through each skill, practicing individually and then as a group.  We will explore various drills and exercises you can use to build up each skill so you can walk away from the session with a greater understanding on what to do, how to do it and how it can interact with your swim stroke and style.

Bespoke clinics & sessions for clubs and businesses

We can offer most of our clinics and session types to support swim clubs, masters clubs, triathlon clubs or even businesses looking for something a bit different.

Please get in contact to discuss this option with us

Support materials after your session

Our clinics offer a great learning experience and we don’t want that learning to sort after we get out of the water.  We will give you some take-home material after a clinic or workshop to further expand your knowledge and/or allow you to practice in your own sessions.  This will either be in online ‘booklet’ form or online content through the Swim Smooth Guru.

A clinic environment really helps us to dive into your swimming, be it in the pool or the open water?



How to book Your Clinic

All of our sessions are scheduled and booked online through our booking system, or our funky South West Swim mobile App.

We don’t run clinics on regular dates so we apologise in advance if the session you wish to attend is not available.  Keep checking back though as we add clinic sessions in as we arrange them.  Our flagship Millfield Swim SMooth Stroke correction clinic n usually takes place every February.  Open water clinics are usually between march and august.

You book your session online and simply head to the booking system on the links below (or download the app), create an account, search for your ideal 1-to-1 session time, select it, pay and then sit back and wait excitedly for your session to come around.  If you can’t see a date and time for the clinic you are interested in then please do contact us.  We may be able to advise when the next clinic of that type is planned.

Of course we are always open to talk and discuss your needs further so please do get in touch via email if you need additional advice, guidance or want to ask about specific times. 

Our Clinics, Book Yours Online Now

Millfield Swim Smooth Stroke Correction Day Clinic

Our PREMIER Swim Smooth Day clinic returns to the Famous Millfield School, Somerset. Sunday 10th October 2021 (rescheduled from Sunday 14th February 2021)

Hosted by Swim Smooth Certified Coach Jason Tait of South West Swim,
who will be joined on the day by Steve Bailey (numbers of swimmers permitting).

More Details

We are back at the famous Millfield School in February 2021* (This will be rescheduled for later in 2021 due to COVID) for our popular and world famous SwimSmooth Stroke Correction clinic.  This clinic has a maximum capacity of just 10 swimmers this year, which we may increase to 14 depending on the COVID restrictions at the time.  This clinic is a full day event and its aim is to give you a boost to your swim training, ready for the race and event challenges of 2021.   

This clinic aims to give swimmers (age 16+) a total overview of their front crawl stroke, and how swimming for THEM can become more efficient and constructive.  We will film you over a few lengths of the 50m Olympic Pool and analyse and discuss this back in the learning area with the group.

The cost of our swim clinic’s are £180 and we have a split payment option available to break the cost into 2 x £90 payments.  If you want to get started before the clinic we also have a Video Analysis Option available too, couple up the clinic with a video analysis in our endless pool (see information below). 

Timings for each clinic are TBC but the day will usually starts around 8:30am (with arrival between 8:15am and 8:30am and will finish between 5-5:30pm

Our South West Swim Swim Smooth Clinics include (subject to COVID rules and adjustments): 

  • All classroom theory work (and materials where required)
  • Swim Cap
  • Clinic Video Analysis
  • 2 x Group Coached Squad Sessions (Technique Focused)
  • 1 Month Access to the Swim Smooth Guru
  • Individual Development plan (via the Guru)
  • An experience helping to develop your swim, as an Individual, both at the clinic and your future swims
  • Tea & Coffee, biscuits and fruit.
  • Discount of 5% of South West Swim Store products (Pre-order available)
  • Smiles and fun

Book on to this fantastic experience today so you have your space saved and you can look forward to some fantastic world class Swim Smooth coaching.


Introduction to Wild Swimming

If you don't swim front crawl but still want to experience the benefits of open water swimming then this is the session for you.

A no pressure breaststroke session guiding the swimmer through open water safety, acclimatisation and key skills.  Based on an appreciation and love for the water and swimming in the environment, rather than winning races.

More Details

This session will guide a swimmer through safety, acclimatisation and joy of open water swimming so that they can participate in swimming for mental health and physical well being.  You don't need to be able to swim fast, or swim front crawl, this session will be a relaxed and guided introduction over the course of 60-75minutes in small groups.

The session will be taken by Jason Tait, who as well as being an open water coach is also a fully qualified Aquaphobic coach so can utilise additional skills to put you at ease if needed and set you on an amazing journey.

Open Water Safety Essentials Mini Session

With the rapid rise in popularity of Open Water swimming in 2020 we have developed a new safety essentials mini session for swimmers looking to get into the water for the first time. This session is lake specific and will cover basic safety elements to ensure you know the important basics to give you the knowledge to be safe in the water.

This small group session is hosted by South West Swim head coach Jason Tait.  Jason is a respected expert in open water swimming and a fully qualified teacher, coach, open water coach and open water coaching tutor with vast amounts of experience in coaching and swimming himself.

More Details

The session itself can be held at lake86 or Lake32 and will advise on:

– Swim Kit
– Entry into the water
– Breathing control
– Acclimatisation
– Safety positions
– Self Rescue techniques
– Relaxing
– Lake specific guide for rescue
– Exiting the water and post swim.

,The session is around 45 minutes long and we would be in the water for around 20-30 minutes depending on water temperature.  Please note this session does not get you swimming very far and is mostly about the safety aspects of your swimming and acclimatisation to help you swim better.  If you wanted to learn swim skills for Open Water Swimming then pair this session up with our Full Introduction to Open Water Swimming Workshop.

Introduction To Open Water & Triathlon Swimming Workshop

Want to start open water but, well…….Don’t know where to start?

We can help.  This session is our passion and what drives us every season as it is an amazing feeling getting new swimmers into the water and enjoying their open water.

This session is aimed at New and novice open water swimmers who wish to get into the lakes for pleasure, leisure or competition.

Your coaches will guide you through all the do’s and don’t of open water and teach you some key skills that you will need for any events you are doing.

Book a spot on our intro session and learn the ropes from the experts.  Included in this workshop is Swim hat, Intro guide and online follow up material…….. plus a heap of fun in the water.

This intro session is simply second to none.

More Details

This session holds up to 12 swimmers (COVID rules dependent at the time) and is led by Jason Tait and assisted as needed by our assistant open water coach Colin Jones.  Coaching ratio in this session is kept low and the number of coaches is dictated by this.

South West Swim Open Water Skills Mini Workshops

These mini sessions develop an individual open water skill in small groups.  These sessions run throughout the season, with more dates added as we move through the summer months as demanded.

We will be running sessions on:

– Improve navigation – Sighting and swimming straight in the open water

– Group swimming with confidence –  Starts, Turns and Drafting

These sessions are development sessions and ideal for most levels of swimmer.  They will compliment our introduction sessions or squad sessions well.

More Details

These sessions are led by Jason Tait with support from our own lifeguard team and other assistant coaches where needed (dependant on numbers of swimmers etc)


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