South West Swim coach in various locations for both pool and open water.  Location details of your session should be shown in your email confirmation under special instructions.  If you are unsure about where your session is held please contact us and we will be happy to confirm.

Endless Pool Video Analysis, Pool 1-2-1, Learn To Swim Front Crawl & Aquaphobia Sessions – South West Swim Head Office

Welcome to our main office, this is where our Endless Pool is located and all 1-to-1 based pool sessions are hosted.

South West Swim Centre
49 Callington Road
SN25 2BE
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We may also have availability upon request at Milton Road, Health Hydro, Swindon.  Please call us and we can look at available pool time.

Squad Sessions – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Better (GLL)
The Link Centre
Westfield Way
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Squad Sessions – Friday & Sunday

Our Monday, , Thursday AM, Friday and Sunday squad sessions are held at:

Better (GLL)
Health Hydro
Milton Road
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South West Swim – Swim Smooth Clinics, Workshops, Junior Sessions and Special sessions

We have strong relationships with various venues around the south west where we run our clinics and workshops.  
When looking at booking a clinic the title of the clinic and / or your booking and instructions will give further information about where the session is held.

Open Water, 1-2-1’s, Squads, Workshops & Clinics

 It is a pleasure to be the coaching provider at our two premier lake locations, possibly some of the cleanest and clearest water you will swim in around the South West.  When booking your session you can choose either lake to take your session, simply choose the location of your choice and search for an available time and date.  IF you need advice on lake location for your level of swimming or session type then please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Lake32 Outdoor CentreLake32

We are one of only a handful of coaches allowed to use Lake32 for Coaching and are fully Authorised byLake32.  We work closely on aspects of their Open Water Swim offering and have been working with them with coaching and events for a number of years.

1-2-1’s, Workshops, groups and clinics run from this venue through the week at multiple times, select your session date and time within the booking system.

Venue Website:

Lake 32 Outdoor Centre
Cotswold Water Park,
Spratsgate Lane,
Near Cirencester
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Their words:
Lake 32 Outdoor Centre is a naturally fed lake and the water is checked by the environmental agency during the summer months. The lake is about two metres deep and has varied buoyed courses of  50m, 100m, 200m, 400m and 750m.


Cotswold Waterpark Hire (Lake86)

A clear and beautiful lake just off the A419 with ample parking and several buoyed courses of 200m, 400m and 800m.
We host 1-2-1’s, Workshops, groups and clinics run from this venue through the week at multiple times, select your session date and time within the booking system.

Cotswold Waterpark Hire
Lake 86
Spine Road East
South Cerney

Venue Website:

Google Map Link