Buying a South West Swim gift card is a sure fire way of getting into your special swimmers good books.

You can purchase specific vouchers for both open water and pool based coaching, or select a gift voucher amount of your choice.

Your VIS (very important swimmer) will be able to redeem their gift within our booking system and book their session with us.  They will then be looked after by Swim Smooth Certified coach Jason Tait, head coach and founder of South West Swim.

We have a number of gift vouchers ready made for you to purchase in our system, or you can define an amount of your choice for them to put towards a session (or sessions) with us.

Select one of the options below and set them up for a great season of swimming.

 All gift vouchers are electronic and are purchased online through our booking system.  At the moment the purchaser can either create a full account with us (ideal if they also plan on swimming with us) or purchase as a guest.
Purchasing a gift voucher does not book the swimmer into any of our sessions, the recipient will need to create a booking profile / account on our system and book into a session of their choosing, using their gift voucher at the checkout stage of booking.

Video Analysis Gift Card

Give the special swimmer in your life an amazing session that will really develop their swimming.

This is our premium session for stroke correction &  development and is held in our private Endless Pool in Swindon.

This session is hosted by Jason Tait, Swim Smooth Certified coach and stroke correction and open water expert. 

1-to-1 Coaching Gift Card

Your swimmer will be able to redeem this gift card against either an Endless Pool based 1-to-1 or an Open Water 1-2-1 in one of our partner lakes in the Cotswolds.

A 1-to-1 session is a 60 minute session which will really help develop your swimming or open water skills.

1-to-1 sessions are hosted by Jason Tait, Swim SMooth Certified Coach, stroke correction and open water expert.

Experience - The Adventure of Open Water

A gift voucher for the adventurous recipient who wants to try, or develop their open water swimming.  Be it for fitness, health or training this gift will be the start of a pure addiction to open water.  

Chose an amount

Still not sure what the swimmer in your life would prefer?

We also sell gift cards where you can choose a value to give.  

Your special swimmer can then use this card to pay for, or put towards any of our services 

Drop us a message

Drop us an email to

Contact us via telephone

We are always happy to talk and you can reach Head Coach Jason Tait on 07751793234.

But due to being pool and lakeside most of the time we may not be able to answer straight away.  Please do leave a message, or better still drop us an email, and we will get back to you straight away.

Want to see us face to face online?

With so many forms of communication to use we are more than happy to hold a Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Messenger call with you.  This allows us to meet, before we have.....well met.  Drop us a line and we can arrange a suitable time for this to take place.