Endless Pool Coaching

Swim Smooth Certified individual coaching from the privacy of our own private, heated, indoor Endless Pool

Enjoy your session in privacy and with the full individual attention of head coach Jason Tait.










Be the best swimmer you can be with a private session in our very own Endless Pool in Swindon, Wiltshire.

South West Swim offers a range of services in the privacy of our own pool.

 These are led by Swim Smooth Certified Coach Jason Tait, a front crawl stroke correction specialist, Swim England Qualified Coach, Swim England & STA Open Water Coach and Advance d ALP Aquaphobia coach.

We are lucky enough to have our own pool facility in Swindon.  This gives our swimmers a vast array of additional swimming options with 1 on 1 coaching attention.

All of our Video and 1-to-1 sessions are very technically focused.  We use video recording in both sessions to guide the swimmer and show them what they are doing in the water, a video analysis takes a deep dive into this footage for a total stroke review.   .

South West Swim Endless Pool Services

Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis Sessions

The gold standard in terms of video analysis.  Swim Smooth are renowned worldwide for their in depth video analysis services and methods of coaching a swimmer as an Individual to get the very best out of their swim stroke.  No two swimmers swim the same way, so we don’t believe every swimmer should be coached the same way.

Mini Video Analysis sessions

A shorter version of our full analysis session, ideal for those who swim in our squads or who are familiar with Swim Smooth methodologies and drills.

1-to-1 Sessions

An individual attention without the in-depth analysis.  Ideal for those that want individual coaching input without the cost of Video analysis, or as a regular supporting session to compliment a swimmers own training.

Our 1-to-1 sessoins are available as 60 minute sessions (highly reccomended as we can get more into your session) or shorter sessions of 30 minutes.

Learn To Swim Front Crawl

Sessions designed to build a swimmer’s existing swim skills and introduce them to the front crawl stroke.  For booings for this service please choose the 1-to-1 Endless Pool Coaching option.

Junior Video Analysis

Supporting competitive club swimmers and triathletes with Front crawl development.  Junior swim analysis is a shorter version of our adult service, suitable for swimmers aged 11/12 – 14 years old.

What is an Endless Pool, and the other technology we use to boost your swim?

An Endless Pool is a small pool with a counter current motor that holds you in place.  These are classed as Swimming Machines, think of a running machine but for swimming. 

Endless Pools are primarily used and designed as constant swimming machines.  Our pool has an adjustable current which can be maxed out at 1:08 per 100m.  This is fast enough for even the faster swimmer that we see over distance. 

As a coaching facility the pool is second to none as it allows coach Jason to see the swimmers stroke close up , and any inherent faults that the swimmer has will be shown by the pool.

During your session we also use other technology to enhance the coaching experience.  We utilise Video Filming, Coach to swimmer headsets and AI (Artificial intelligence ) stroke capture.

Our pool has seen total beginners, channel swimmers,  national champions, world champions, adventurers and even an olympian pass through its doors.  Come and be the next athlete to join us? 

How an Endless Pool works

Our Endless Pool facility - The pool

Our Endless Pool offers a range of totally adjustable speeds up to 1:08/100m.
We keep our pool heated at around 29 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for the technique based sessions we offer.
Or pool is indoors, in a custom made heated cabin


Our Endless Pool Facility - Changing

We have changing facilities in the pool house complete with a rinse shower for before and after your session

Our Endless Pool Facility - Location

Our pool is based in North Swindon, Wiltshire.  This is just a short drive from the A419 and just off of the main north Swindon arterial route, Thamesdown Drive.

I am lucky enough to work from home so don’t be surprised that we are not on an industrial estate.

What filming do you do?

We utilise handheld cameras and film in HD.  We have tried various filming technology and prefer a mobile handheld system as it gives us more options to capture every angle of your swim, which fixed cameras do not easily allow.

We use powerful apple macs and a 42inch screen to display your video in high definition, recording our session for you for later viewing.

We use camera work in our Video Analysis, Mini Video Analysis and you get to keep the footage as part of these sessions.  We will also usually film our  standard 1-to-1 based swimmers to show key faults in their stroke, however this footage is not analysed or given as part of a standard 1-to-1session.


What to expect in your session

Our sponsored athlete Luke Campbell kindly produced a video runthrough of one of his video analysis sessions for us.  Although his is now quite old the service description is the same, with a few tweaks. Please take a look below.

How to book Your Session


Once you have decided what session type you would like to join us in booking is pretty simple. 

All of our sessions are scheduled and booked online through our booking system.

Scheduling an Endless Pool session online means that you can search for the best session date and time to suit your needs without emailing us back and forth.

Simply head to the booking system on the links below, create an account, search for your ideal 1-to-1 session time, select it, pay and then sit back and wait excitedly for your session to come around.  If you can’t see a date and time that suits you then please do contact us.  We are a full time coaching company and may be able to offer a bespoke time for you, although this is not guaranteed as our schedule is quite busy most of the time.

What is a Swim Smooth Certified Coach

Our Session Types, Book Yours Online Now

Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis

Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis – The world class standard in Video Analysis Services. We are the only Swim Smooth Certified Coach and provider in the South West of England.
Cost £119.99

More Details

Video Analysis is a much sought after method of improvement in any sport.  Swimmers can really benefit from video filming as you will get to see a view of your stroke that you would not get to look at normally, simply due to the nature of swimming.

Our Swim Smooth Certified session is the premier service for getting your swim in tip top shape.  We will video you from various angles and then analyse the footage poolside with you, before getting you back into the pool to work on your key focus areas.

Head Coach Jason will take the session and as a Swim Smooth Certified Coach you will have the very best in coaching available during the session.

As part of your session you can expect

– Expert coaching and analysis with a fine eye for detail

– Session consists of warm up and filming session, then a return to the pool to work on areas discussed using drills and focused swimming- High quality filming from around the pool

– In Depth analysis on our big screen with all verbal interaction between swimmer and coach, and annotations on screen recorded and given to the swimmer.  All footage including original recording is sent to the swimmer via a download link, this will be received within 48 hours but is usually the same day as your session.

– Post session fault correction plans, demonstration videos and training session

– Access to the Swimsmooth.guru website for a trial period

– Session review notes, to remind and highlight key areas to work on and direct links to your post session training in the guru

We truly believe there is no better video service out there, with as much take home material and expertise.


Mini Video Analysis sessions

Ideal for our squad swimmers or swimmers lloking for a follow up session or expansion of a previous 1-to-1 or Video session taken with us.  If you have not had exposire to any of those services with us we advise you to book a video analysi or 1-to-1 session in order to get the most out of your time with us.
Cost £79.99 (SWS squad members get discount, calculated at checkout)

More Details

This mini session has all the in-depth analysis benefits of our full analysis but in a shorter time frame of 60 minutes.  We accomplish this by not returning to the pool after the warm up and filming section of the session.

This session is an ideal session for South West Swim squad swimmers or those wishing to book a follow up from a video analysis session with us.  If you have not been to one of those services then we do not advise you book a mini session, instead look at our full video analysis or 1-to-1 sessions. to get the best out of your session.



1-to-1 Sessions

As well as our premier Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke Correction sessions we also offer a standard 1-to-1 sessions in our private Endless Pool.
Cost from £62.99

More Details

A 1-2-1 session is designed as a more regular session for the athlete looking for constant input and improvement in their swimming, however we can also see you as a one off client.  These can fit around the athletes existing pool sessions, either their own or our coached group sessions (squads) to truly supplement their swimming journey.  We generally recommend a session with us every 4 weeks, sometimes slightly longer, depending on your development needs and goals. 

Sessions can be purchased as single sessions (£62.99) or discounted twin pack (£119.99), allowing you to experience several sessions of progressive coaching.  

For athletes that wish to see us AT LEAST once a month over a minimum period of 6 months then please contact us for our discounted prices and booking.

These sessions are front crawl focused.

South West Swim Learn To Swim Front Crawl

If you have always wanted to learn to swim front crawl now is the time to speak to us.

Our sessions are in our own pool, so are totally private and away from others.  With just you and Coach Jason you will get full individual attention.


More Details

Our learn to swim front crawl sessions start you at a point that is going to be the best for you.  This ensures your starting point is suitable and relevant for your current ability in swimming.

Your learn to swim front crawl session is taken at your own pace, and we will work through each session progressively with the aim to improve each time you visit.  We do this with a mixture of online learning, commitment for you to swim in your own sessions and your coached session with us.

We have had some astounding results using our learn to swim process, we hope we can help you too.

SWS Junior Video Analysis Sessions

We can support your junior swimmers front crawl development in the Endless pool and compliment their club swimming.

Our Junior Video Analysis session is a  60 minute session based on our full adult service.  To accomplish this we simply trim down the Analysis Part of the session to around 10-15mins.  Our Junior sessions are only offered for front crawl, we do not coach other strokes in our Endless Pool.

We start to offer our coaching for swimmers who are 12 years old (by the end of the year) and who hold a county qualification time, or are very close to achieving one.  These are coached technical sessions for competitive swimmers and triathletes, we do not offer learn to swim sessions.

We are also able to support clubs and can offer bespoke training sessions for their swimmers in our Endless Pool. 

Find out more by visiting our SWS Juniors page.


Still Have Questions?

Drop us a message

Drop us an email to jason@southwestswim.co.uk

Contact us via telephone

We are always happy to talk and you can reach Head Coach Jason Tait on 07751793234.

But due to being pool and lakeside most of the time we may not be able to answer straight away.  Please do leave a message, or better still drop us an email, and we will get back to you straight away.

Want to see us face to face online?

With so many forms of communication to use we are more than happy to hold a Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Messenger call with you.  This allows us to meet, before we have.....well met.  Drop us a line and we can arrange a suitable time for this to take place.