Individual Coaching Services in our own Private Endless Pool

Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis – The world class standard in Video Analysis Services 

Video Analysis is a much sought after method of improvement in any sport.  Swimmers can really benefit from video filming as you will get to see a view of your stroke that you would not get to look at normally, simply due to the nature of swimming.  Our Swim Smooth Certified session is the premier service for getting your swim in tip top shape.  We will video you from various angles and then analyse the footage poolside with you, before getting you back into the pool to work on your key focus areas.  Head Coach Jason will take the session and as a Swim Smooth Certified Coach you will have the very best in coaching available during the session, and after the session with the Swim Smooth fault correction plans, training sets and swim type plans.  You get access to the software for 1 month to really get to grips with your stroke.

We truly believe there is no better video service out there, with as much take home material and expertise.

Endless Pool 1-2-1 Sessions

As well as our premier Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke Correction sessions we also offer a standard 1-2-1 sessions in our private Endless Pool.

A 1-2-1 session is designed as a more regular session for the athlete looking for constant input and improvement in their swimming, however we can also see you as a one off client.  These can fit around the athletes existing pool sessions, either their own or our coached group sessions (squads) to truly supplement their swimming journey.  We generally recommend a session with us every 4 weeks, sometimes slightly longer, depending on your development needs and goals. 

These sessions are front crawl focused, but we can also coach breaststroke and butterfly for junior club level swimmers (see Junior section)


Learn To Swim Front Crawl Adult 1-2-1 Sessions

If you have a little swimming experience, but have always wanted to learn how to swim front crawl then these sessions will take you from beginner and track you through your journey into front crawl swimmer.  

These sessions are designed to build you from the ground up and tailored to your own starting point.  We can patiently help you build a good foundation within your stroke with our coaching and online from the Swim Smooth Guru website between sessions.

We have had huge success with our Learn to Swim front crawl sessions, enabling many swimmers to learn the stroke, with some going on to take to the open water and triathlon racing.

The sessions are held in our own private Endless Pool in Swindon so you can be assured that it is one on one attention, with no audience at every session.

If you have any questions about how we can help you learn and master this stroke please do contact us.

HiiT Sessions in the Endless Pool – Something Totally Different!

If you want something to blow the cobwebs away and get a short, quick, yet very harp workout into your routine then one of our Endless Pool HiiT session may be the right fit for you.

HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and we can offer you this experience in our Endless Pool.

This session is 45 minutes of full on workout, working with various speeds, lengths of swim time and training kit to give you an all over fitness boost.

It’s certainly different, it’s certainly productive.  Give it a go!