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SouthWestSwim ( are very pleased to be able to bring the well known concept of the Tow Float to the Cotswold lakes.  Tow floats have been around for a few years now and are very popular in the lake district (endorsed by Lake District National Park) and among swimmers of all ages and abilities worldwide.  The company at the forefront of developing this idea in the UK is Chillswim (now known as SwimSecure) and South West Swim are very proud to be bringing their reliable and innovative range to swimmers in the South West, in particular the lakes of the Cotswolds.
The floats are fully endorsed by Waterland Outdoor Pursuits (lake 32) for use in their lake.
The main idea behind the tow float is to be seen, the tow float is bright by design so that other mornswimcolin12-3-14set-6 1water users (be it watercraft or other swimmers), or those watching from dry land can see the swimmer in the water.  A secondary benefit of the tow float is that it can be used should the swimmer need to take a quick breather in the water.  The tow float can support a 16 stone adult easily in the water when leaning on it, but it must be stressed that the tow floats are not sold as life saving or buoyancy swim aids, as they provide no buoyancy when swimming (i.e they are just towed behind).  Attachment of a tow float is a simple affair, attaching to the swimmer via a strap around the waist and then it is simply towed behind them whilst swimming, usually sitting just behind the knees.  In most cases the swimmer will not even feel it behind them and it is very non intrusive to the swim.  That said  the swimmer can be safe in the knowledge that they can be seen, and grab hold of the float if needed.
16 putting bottle into bag1Tow floats come in various different sizes and varieties, so they are suitable for a number of uses and swimming applications, be it for taking your valuables with you on your swim (solves the problem of what to do with your car keys) to taking your essential clothing with you on a point to point swim (and of course in all applications being safe and seen).  South West Swim will be stocking the range throughout the season, as follows:
Standard tow float & Tow float Pro – A standard float to be seen and safeDry Bag Group shot1
Dry bag tow float – Available in numerous sizes and designed so you can put your belongings inside them and take them with you
Tow donuts – Have an integrated dry bag but you are able to gain access to the contents whilst in the water
Hydration float – Ideal for those training for long swims as your nutrition and hydration can be placed inside for those important feed stops.
Colin and Zachary with towfloatsAt South West Swim we will be using tow floats in some of our group sessions, and with some clever coaching will be integrating them in our swim drills and exercises too, but don’t tell the athletes that yet ;).  Keep an eye out for the South West Swim armada of swimmers in lake 12 and 32 from April onwards.  We will also have a range of demo tow floats available for you to look at and try, just contact us to arrange. You can browse our range at and order for delivery to a lake or via traditional P&P options.
In the Cotswolds this piece of safety kit is fully endorsed by:
Waterland Outdoor Pursuits at Lake 32 (