Endless Pool 1-2-1 Coaching


As well as our premier Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Stroke Correction sessions we also offer a standard 1-2-1 sessions in our private Endless Pools swimming machine in Swindon.

A 1-2-1 session is designed as a more regular session for the athlete looking for constant input and improvement in their swimming.  These can fit around the athletes existing pool sessions, either their own or our coached group sessions (squads) to truly supplement their swimming journey.  We generally recommend a session with us every 3-4 weeks, sometimes slightly longer, depending on your development needs and goals. 

As a unique helping point we may film your stroke during your 1-2-1, so we can show you what you are doing within an aspect so we can improve on it.  We do not analyse this footage as we would in a Video Analysis.  Our sessions are tailored to your needs and progressive working on both technique and fitness.  Generally a session with us would be very technically focused so that you can leave us with the skills and enough work to do in your own sessions, making you come back for your next session with great improvements.  You will receive access to the Swim Smooth guru website for 30 days which will help guide you through our swim journey.  The guru has a host of information from individual swim drill videos, swim instruction and programs from learn to swim front crawl to advanced stroke fault fixers.

Join our South West Swim 1-2-1 Development Program and book your first session today, sessions are available as one off sessions or in discounted  packs of 3 or 6 sessions.

Our premium service of Video Analysis and Stroke Correction is a longer more in-depth session with poolside analysis of video footage taken during the initial swim.  Please see our video analysis services page for further information on this. 


Duration: 50 Minutes
Single Sessions Cost: £60
Three Session Pack: £168 
Six Session Pack: £320


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