South West Swim Group Coached Sessions

If you’re looking for a truly flexible approach to your squad swimming, with world class Swim Smooth Certified coaching, productive sessions and amazing swim / lane mates, then look no further.  Catering for swimmers who can swim a minimum of 200m front crawl, through to long distance triathletes and channel swimmers.

Join Our Swim Smooth Squads in Swindon……….PAYG swimming to fit your life, work and family commitments.  
You can buy single sessions, or packs of 5 or 10 sessions and book onto ANY squad in our timetable (as long as there are spaces available).  This means you are NOT TIED DOWN to a particular session and you DONT PAY for sessions you cant attend (as long as you cancel within the free cancellation period). A different, fair and flexible approach to your swim training.



We return to the pool to provide you with the very best in Front Crawl Coaching.  
In these post Lockdown times we may find that things change rapidily and our processes will change as the weeks and months move on.  Our main aim is to keep you safe, whilst still maintaining the community feel of our sessions. 


Our session times are:

Tuesday 6:30am – 8am (90 Minutes) at the Link Centre.
CSS / RED MIST based session, alternating with a Technique Endurance based Session.

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm (60 minutes) at the link Centre.
Pure Technique based session, lots of drills and technical focus, a TLC session for your stroke.

Thursday 6:30-7:30am (60 minutes) at the Link Centre. 

Technique Endurance based session, a technically focused session with technical focus drills and some longer swims, think of a mix of CSS pacing and pure technique. 

Friday 6am-7:30am (90 minutes) at Milton Road Health Hydro.
Our famous Friday squad is BACK!!!! CSS or Red Mist based pacing session type.

Sunday squad 3-4pm (60 Minutes) at Milton Road Health Hydro.
A fantastic weekly rotation between all session types to provide an all round coaching experience week by week

At times we may substitute a different session type into the rota to provide a all round approach to our training patterns.


Please book all your sessions online via our booking site at or The SWS App on Apple or Android devices.


Our Swim Smooth Pool Squads are (in our opinion) second to none in the area!  If you are looking for expert coaching, flexible swim options, focused and productive sessions as well as (importantly) great, encouraging squad mates then our South West Swim Group Coaching sessions (aka Squads) are ready and waiting for you. 

We have a choice of 5 Sessions a week to help refine and develop all aspects of your swimming.  Our sessions are truly flexible as you can book into ANY session* we offer in the week and are NOT restricted to a set time or day where you can swim.  This flexible approach gives you the benefit of fitting in your swim training around busy work, life and training commitments.  Sessions can be purchased either as single sessions, or you can buy session packs of 5 or 10 and save a bit of money in doing so.  This means you can join (depending on availability) any of our squad sessions to meet your training needs or work / life / training balance. 

We believe we think differently when it comes to pool training, and our swimmers seem to agree, both new and established. We train athletes from the early stages of their front crawl development through to Ironman athletes and long distance and channel swimmers………… and everything in between.  We have had huge success with our athletes using our methods. 

Sessions are led by South West Swim Head Coach Jason Tait, who is one the UK’s Swim Smooth Certified Coaches, and a leading Open Water coach.  When Jason is not available to coach a session he is supported by Stuart Foster who is a Swim England Level 2 coach and familiar with Swim Smooth Methods (and a member of our squads, so knows all the ins and outs of the drills).

Our session are front crawl focused, catering for swimmers who can swim 200m front crawl through to Ironman and channel swimmers (and all in-between).  We welcome those swimming for fitness, leisure, events or competitive athletes.  All swimmers perform the same session, we just filter the distances swum based on lane speed.


South West Swim Squad Benefits: 

  • A choice of upto 5 sessions a week, swim once, swim twice, swim 5 times!  it’s up to you. 
  • Truly Flexible Squad Membership, book into sessions that you can make.  You are not limited to only attend on a set day, time or squad.
  • Expert Coaching by Jason Tait, Swim Smooth Certified Coach, stroke correction specialist & open water swimming expert.  
  • Flexible purchase options from individual sessions to packs of 5 or 10 to use over time.  (sessions and packs have non extendable expiration dates)
  • Sessions that are broken down into key focuses, so you know what type of session you will be receiving to fine tune your development.  Fancy a technique session? book onto Wednesday and/or Thursday, want something challenging?  Book Tuesday and/or Friday, a mix of everything? Well Sunday is your go to session.  The choice is yours. (all sessions will be highly technique focused until the second half of September)
  • EXCLUSIVE FREE access to the amazing website so you can work on your swimming between sessions and further develop your drill and swim knowledge.  This is renewed on a monthly basis based on the swimmers active session credit packs
  • Pre session email so you know what you will be doing in the session and can view any drill videos for the drills we will be doing in that session.
  • Post Session email so you know your training distance for the session
  • 5% Squad discount on products from our retail store
  • Discounted 1-2-1, Mini Video Analysis and Full Video Analysis Sessions
  • Special offers on Wetsuits and other Tri Clothing
  • Team Kit available 




Want to be Part of it? Looking to book?  Head to the bottom of the page for integrated booking or download our Apple or Android Booking Apps to get onboard and book your first squad today.  To find out a little bit more about the sessions see the epandable boxes below.

Standard Pricing
Single Session PAYG
5 Session PAYG (BLUK)
10 Session PAYG (03mth EXPIRY)
Terms & Cancellation policy
PAYG (BLUK)  means “Pay As You Go,  But Let Us Know”.  You will need to book your squad sessions through our online booking website or app for each squad you wish to attend.  You have the flexibility in cancelling individual sessions, but you just let us know by cancelling on the booking system within the given cancellation window of 48 hours before the session start time.  Any cancellation after this time (for any reason) or a no show (for any reason) is charged as if you attended the session.  Cancellations MUST be done via the booking system.  Calls, Texts or emails are not valid means of cancellation.
Sessions and session packs have non extendable expiry dates, please ensure you buy a session pack that is appropriate for the amount of sessions you can swim in a given time
Swimmer Age Policy


NORMAL AGE POLICY:  Our pool squad sessions are focused on Adult Swimmers and Triathletes.  We operate an age policy of:
a) Swimmers need to be 14 years or older to join and meet the criteria of the session with a parent swimming in the same session or staying poolside through the session
b) Swimmers aged 16 years and over meeting the squad criteria may swim by themselves in the session and are classed as an adult swimmer
c) We may have swimmers in the session who are aged 11-14. This is done on a case by case basis of ability and maturity to handle the sessions, these swimmers are  those whom the lead coach has already coached or assessed in either a junior, club or 1-2-1 session and deemed suitable for our squad style of swimming.  A parent MUST swim or in the same session and the swimmer would be of a county level standard as a minimum requirement.

IMPORTANT - Pool Kit Required

Recommended kit to bring to a session: (Post COVID Lockdown – we are unable to lend any kit to swimmers, please bring your own as per below.  Kit must be cleaned with after use / before coming to the pool).

We stock a full range of Finis swimming aids and swimmers get 5% discount off of product purchased via the booking system

  • Paddles (pref FINIS Freestyler paddles and Finis Agility Paddles)
  • Fins (to aid kick drills)
  • Pull Buoy or Axis Pull Buoy Buoy
  • Finis Tempo Trainer Pro – optional but a highly recommended training aid
  • Centre Snorkel – optional but a highly recommended training aid

Kit can be purchased via our booking system or App by navigating to the STORE, Squad swimmers get squad discount if purchasing through the booking system.  If you don’t have a booking account or are not creating one to swim with us then kit can also be purchased via our online web store at, please let us know if you find it cheaper elsewhere and we will try our best to match.  It must be noted that you may not be able to use some of this kit in your own public sessions, this is very much dependant on your pool policies.

Session Type Description - Technique Endurance Squad


A dedicated “Technique Endurance” session. These sessions are a halfway-house between Pure Technique sessions (Which we deliver on a Wednesday and the fast paced “Red Mist” Endurance Sessions or CSS pacing sessions (which we deliver on a Tuesday and Friday).  The addition will be a great way to add in an element of structured endurance work without being quite so “scary” as a full-blown Red Mist session. 


The Technique Endurance sessions will be designed to complement our Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday squad sessions so you can partake in 1 or both types with a structured progression (dependant on availability).


In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required.  See our recommended kit list in the drop down above.  All items available from South West Swim directly.

Session Type Description Swim Smooth Pure Technique Squad

A focused technique session to make your stroke better and more efficient.  This session will be highly technique driven but in turn will build fitness and speed.  Training is delivered by Jason Tait, certified Swim Smooth Coach and will focus on low mileage but great form and technical learning.  We will also be teaching key open water skills during some sessions to add that South West Swim open water twist.

The Technique sessions will be designed to complement our other sessions

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required.  See our recommended kit list in the drop down above.  All items available from South West Swim directly.

Session Type Description - Swim Smooth RED MIST or CSS Threshold Development (CSS)

As with all our sessions this squad is multi ability so various levels of athlete take part and you work to your own ability and threshold times

A CSS or RED MIST session is our briskest session of the week and is a great session to work your pacing, endurance and fitness.  This session heavily utilises CSS training and tempo trainers, and you are swimming a tough session based off your own threshold paces (CSS).

This session does not give any technical input as it is a solid pacing based session.  It is best taken alongside another of our Technique based sessions (Wednesday, Thursday or some Sundays). 

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required.  See our recommended kit list in the drop down above.  All items available from South West Swim directly.


Session Type Description - Swim Smooth Sunday Squad - A varied session with a different weekly focus

As with all our sessions this squad is multi ability so various levels of athlete take part.  The Sunday squad has a different swimming skills focus every week, getting attention to all aspects of your swimming from pacing and longer distance swims, Shorter sprint sessions, Technique sessions as well as open water skills and occasional cross training sets (a swimmers favourite).

We use CSS based training methods so tempo trainers are well used, session distances can vary from 2km to 4km.  We encourage all abilities of swimmer so don’t let speed and distances worry you as we write different versions of the set for different ability groups.

In order to get the best out of the session a pool kit will be required.  See our recommended kit list in the drop down above.  All items available from South West Swim directly.

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