A new session type, and new concept and focus for our 1-2-1 offerings at South West Swim.

Introducing our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Swim Workout.

This session is a HIIT concept based session (High Intensity Interval Training) whereby we will get you swimming short, fast intervals using different exercises, timings and training aids to give you a full on workout in our Endless pool, that will be both challenging and fun. The session will get you swimming to time in the endless pool, at a pace which is tough but which you should be able to push for the set repetition period.  This will then be accompanied by a controlled rest period (or an active recovery) before the next repetition is started.  We will introduce different lengths, timings, paces, drills and training aids to really get you feeling it.

This session type is coached by Jason Tait, however it is not a technical session or video session, it is a fast paced workout session with the aim of building fitness.  We can adapt the session to your own speed and can cater for most abilities of front crawl swimmer, if in doubt please feel free to contact us by phone or email..  If you require a more technical / stroke correction session please look at our Endless Pool Video Analysis Sessions or our Endless Pool 1-2-1 sessions.


The session is 40-45 mins long, so ideal to slot into a lunch break.  Available as single sessions or packs of 3 or 6

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