This week its a nice simple set using our CSS paces at CSS 0, but it will be very tough.  Can you survive the whole distance?.  All sets are performed with 1 BEEP recovery only.  This is a nice endurance set with a mix of threshold pace and spurts of above threshold.  Our warm up is contained within the swim itself as it will start quite smoothly with the easy paced 100m efforts.
The set in its entirety is an iron distance swim of 3.8km.  If you don’t have time or the current fitness to carry out this distance reduce the individual distances per set accordingly and equally.

Part 1

2 x 100m With the beep
2 x 200m With the beep
1 x 100m BEAT the beep

Part 2

2 x 200m with the Beep
2 x 300m with the beep
1 x 200m BEAT the beep

Part 3

2 x 300m with the beep
1 x 400m with the beep
1 x 300m BEAT the beep

Part 4

1 x 400m first 200 with the beep, then increase speed to BEAT the beep on the final 200m

Part 5
4 x 100m Lose the beeper and try to judge your pace with the pool clock only (if available).  Decrease pace through this set to give yourself a good cool down.