Welcome to this weeks I-Swam set.  This week we performed a skills pyramid in the pool, rising from 100m through to 600m and back again. Feel free to tweak these distances to meet your own session time, for example build in 50m additional increments instead of 100’s).

My focus this week was good alignment in the stroke, mixing various paced swims between and finishing with a focus on good catch and pull, still focusing on alignment and rotation.

Our warm up is incorporated into the set so start off easy:

100m   Easy FC (CSS + 5)
200m   Kick on Side Out –  FC back (Fins on)
300m   6-3-6 Out – FC back (Fins on)
400m   Medium Swim (CSS + 1)
500m   FC Pullbuoy and Freestyler Paddles (Drive the tip of the paddle forwards to the pool end, inline with the shoulder, wear loose)
600m   CSS paced Swim (CSS 0)
500m   FC Pullbuoy (focus on good alignment at the front of the stroke and rotation)
400m   Medium Swim (CSS + 1)
300m   Broken Arrow out (wear one paddle) – Easy FC back breathing to non paddle hand still (fins on)
200m   Doggy Paddle Extension Out  –  FC back (Pull buoy)
100m   Fast Swim (CSS – 5)