This i-Swam set is an open water focused set based loosely on a very popular set we delivered a few weeks ago, combining open water skills, pacing and technical swim skills.

When we coach open water in the lake we use the lake as our pool, this saves the monotomy of just swimming endless circles and neglecting your swim skills.  I hope you enjoy the i-swam set, this can be adapted to the pool using your imagination.  The only kit you will need is your tempo trainer set to your ideal SPM

Warm Up

400m – easy and continous Front Crawl

2 x approx 25metres of Corkscrew stroke (5 front crawl into 2 backstroke, repeat over), then 25 metres of easy front crawl.

Turn practice – Practice both an Arc turn and a corkscrew turn around the bouy. If you have a partner or a group start as individuals and then build up into group turns.

Technical and Open water skills Section

Part 1
Deep water starts build – Practice a DWS as:
1.  DWS into 10 FC strokes
2.  DWS into 20 FC Strokes
3. DWS into 30 FC Strokes
4.  DWS into 40 FC strokes
5.  DWS into 50 FC Strokes
Focus on good form and pacing as the distances increase.  if in a group perform start and swim as close together as possible to replicate a packed race, mass start.  Keep rest to a minimum of 20-30 seconds.

Part 2
Set tempo trainer to your SPM rate, this will be used in your FC stroke.
Work bout to buy if you can or gauge a suitable distance for each set.  ALL FC must contain sighting.
Set focus on good rotation and good sighting timing using crocodile eyes.
Rest period 20-30 seconds.

Set 1
Kick on side Left into Front Crawl (sighting every 2 breaths) into Kick on side Right

Set 2
6-5-6 into Front Crawl, (sighting every 2 breaths) into 6-5-6

Set 3
Single arm drill (Left side) into Front Crawl, (Sighting every 4 breaths) into single arm (Right side)

Set 4
As above but right side first

Closing it down
400m Swim at tempo pace, Breathing every 3 or 5 strokes, sighting every 3-4 breaths