I-Swam, Rotation Drill Pyramid

This week its not so much an I-Swam set, as I took a CSS test on Monday, knocking 2.8 seconds off per 100m, so I am very happy with this.

So for this weeks set I have looked up and re-worked an older squad homework set that was being asked for a lot over the past few weeks.  The set below is a Pyramid drill set focusing on a feel for the rotation in the stroke.
You won’t need a tempo trainer for this one, the only thing you are looking to beat are some stroke demons (if they exist).  Kit you will need (or certainly would help) would be Fins, Freestyler paddles, Pullbuoy.  All kit available from our online store if interested at www.southwestswim.co.uk.

Enjoy the set.

South West Swim Rotation Drill Pyramid

Warm up

400m constant swim (not broken) as:
100m Breathe right (B2)
100m Breathe left (B2)
100m Breathe Bilateral (B3)
100m Breathe your favoured Pattern

100m 6-1-6 out > Swim Back
50m Fast kick
100m 6-5-6 out > Swim back

Use Fins

100m Doggy paddle Extension out > Swim back

200m Javelin out > Swim back (paddle on lead had only, breathe away from the paddle)

300m 6-5-6 out > swim back (focus on great rotation in the stroke)
400m SWIM at RACE PACE  (Try to feel the drills that we have been doing up to this point come into your swim)

300m FC pull with paddles (Focus on good hand entry at the fron tof the stroke, easy swim)

200m P-UNCO out > Swim back
100m FAST sprint swim

10 x 50m Fast sprint then reducing pace set by set to easy swim, 20 seconds rest between.  Our aim in this section is to be swimming at a reduced tempo set by set, not letting our stroke fall apart and feeling all of the movements gained from the previous drills.  Start fast on this one and reduce to a nice cool down pace by set 10.  Novice swimmer reduce this part of the set to 5 x 50 if needed.

Cool down
100m / 200m Easy Own choice swim and scull