DETAILS FOR 2020 Open Water Juior Sessions will be released in Spring 2020.  Below is information on our 2019 sessions for your reference.  We also plan to run a weekly Junior Open Water club in 2020, starting in mid / late May.

(2019 details fro summer camp information for reference only) Tuesday in August 2019 – Cost includes Swim Hat and their very own Swim Secure Tow Woggle, and is for all 4 sessions.

This session is aimed at our junior swimmers aged 9/10-14 and will teach them all about open water swimming for events, and fun, by following the Swim England Open Water framework.  At the end of the course the swimmer will be awarded a level 1, 2 or 3 Swim certificate and badge from Swim England.  We hope to get swimmers to at least level 2, last year all swimmers achieved level 3.

Swimmers will learn about safety in the water and sessions will be held from 2-3 different lakes so the swimmers don’t get complacent with only swimming in a familiar location.

The sessions will run at 9am or 9:30am (depending on venue) every Tuesday in August, each session will be Just over one hour in length (including lakeside time) and wetsuits are required, however we will be doing some non wetsuit swimming as part of the sessions (advice on wetsuits? please give me a call).

To participate swimmers must be aged 9/10 to 14 years, be able to swim 400m Front crawl comfortably and Ideally swim in a Swim or triathlon club on a regular basis. The swimmer would also need to meet or exceed at least a county level time in front crawl (200m or 400m ideally). If there is doubt about the suitability of your swimmer for this session please contact me before booking.  We need to be quite strict on our entry criteria for both safety of the swimmers, and also the enjoyment and productivity of the group as a whole.
Please note these are NOT learn to swim sessions.

Book your spot below, or head to https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/event/southwestswim?k_class=144262