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Below you can see all that we are offering at the moment at South West Swim, along with links to book sessions directly in our online booking system.
This page will be updated with new services and dates as we release them.

Swimmer Level:  Everybody

Open Water 1-to-1 Sessions

By Far our most popular session every year.

Sessions are taken By Jason Tait, A Swim Smooth Certified Coach, STA Open Water coach and qualified coaches tutor, Swim England Open Water Coach, Swim England Pool Coach and Swimming teacher and CTA Aquaphobia Specialist Coach.

This is a tailored and individual session where we can work on any aspect of your swimming, open water skills, confidence, pacing and even an private individual Introduction to open water session.

Jason will guide your swim either in the water with you, from a SUP board or from lakeside (or a mixture of all).  We use various techniques to give you the best session possible, from our class leading swim smooth certified coaching, to amazing AI Stroke Analysis and coach to swimmer headsets (so we can guide you whilst you’re swimming).  Technology used at coaches discretion for your needs, session type and where we coach you from.

Whatever your swimming needs Jason can help you in a one off session, or guide you through your journey through the whole season and beyond.

Be in great hands and book a 1-to-1 Session at Lake86

Or choose Lake32, still in great hands but at a different location

Also available are shared sessions, please contact us to enquire if they are suitable for your needs.

Swimmer Level:  For the Completely New Open Water Swimmer

Open Water Safety Essentials Sessions

These sessions are a short introductory session to explain a few key principles of safety for open water swimming.  The session will go through acclimatisation, what to do in an emergency situation in the water, self rescue/preservation and post swim expectations. This session will only have a short swim involved so is open to all levels of swimmer, as long as you can swim basic breaststroke.  This session is lake specific, choose the sesionat the lake you swim at most frequently;
Dates (click to book)
Lake32 April 3rd (Complete)
Lake 86 April 3rd (Complete) 
Lake 32 May 2nd (Spaces)
Lake86 May 2nd (1 Place left)
More dates to follow as needed

Introduction to WILD Swimming

This session is designed to introduce the new or inexperinced swimmer to the open water environment.  This session is breaststroke based and designed for those who want to swim open water for leisure, pleasure and physical and mental wellbeing.  We will teach you how to be safe in the water and get the most out of your new found sport (and love).
This is not a race / event skills based session, for that see the “Introduction to open water & triathlon swimming” session.
Dates (click to Book)
April 25th (Full), May 9th (Full), May 15th (Full), May 16th (Full), June 5th (Full), June 26th (spaces avaialble)

Lake 86 (New sessions at this lake)May 29th (2 spaces available), June 12th (3 Spaces avaialble), June 19th (3 spaces available)

Introduction to Open Water & Triathlon Swimming

A session suitable for the new open water swimmer (must be able to swim 400m front crawl) or a swimmer who has had no open water skills coaching.  In this session we will focus on getting you into the water safely and give you and understanding of the key ingredients of open water skills to complete and compete in a triathlon or open water swimming event.

Dates (we will add more sessions as needed through the season)
Lake 32
– April 24th (Full), May 30th (3 spaces available), June 26th (available spaces) – Click here to choose and book your session time

Lake 86 – May 8th (3 spaces available), May 29th (available spaces), June 19th (available spaces) – Click here to choose and book your session time

Swimmer Level: For the Intermediate & Advanced Open Water Swimmer

Open Water Skills Workshops

Develop your open water specific skills with our Mini Workshops.  These sessions dive into improving your open water skills.  Our sighting and navigation workshop will focus on the art of sighting and give tips on how to stay straighter in the water.
Our Starts, Turns and Dradting Workshop will…..well, teach the swimmer how to perform a great turn around a buoy using differnt types of turn and practice starts and finishes, we will guide you through the principles of drafting and group swimming in this session by default (COVID restrictions permitting).
Dates (More dates will be added soon, as needed):
Sighting and Navigation – Lake 86
May 1st  (Full), Jult 3rd (New Session : Spaces available)
Relaxed Breathing and Breathing Technique – Lake 86 May 1st (Full), May 9th (New session: Spaces available), July 3rd (New session: Spaces available)
Starts, Turns & Drafting – Lake 86 May 15th (spaces available), July 3rd (Spaces Available)

JULY 3rd Open Water Coaching Day – Take all 3 of our Open Water Skills Workshops through the day, have a day’s worth of top notch coaching tuition with South West Swim :).  Book each date separately on the links above.

June 20th Open Water Coaching Day – Book a day of Coaching tuition at Lake32, taking in all 3 of our Skills Essentials sessions.  Booking link to follow (get on the waiting list by mailing, we will ave limited spaces).  This coaching day will tie into the coaching offerings for the  SWS Supported 5km and 10km Swims at Lake32 

Adult Open Water Squads

Our regular open water group sessions are BACK for 2021!  We have two sessions avaialble
Wednesday (currently fortnightly) – For swimmers how swim slower than 2:00/100m
Thursday (weekly) – For swimmers swimming faster than 2:00/100m

These session will work through a mixture of swim technique, open water skills and fitness / pace / sprint building.
Spaces are very limited at the moment, swimmers must book onto all sessions they wish to attend individually, booking the first session only books you into that session.
Adult Starter Group (slower than 2:00/100m)
Adult Speedster Group (faster than 1:59/100m)
We may add in another session to break down speed even more.  This depends on the interest and the speed of the swimmers.

Swimmer Level: Junior Swimmers (aged 12 at end of year to 16)

Lake 86 1-to-1 Sign Off Sessions

This session is designed to take the swimmer through the basics of Open Water Swimming safety, self rescue, signalling help and an assessment swim of 400m.  We work towards the Swim England Level 1 Open Water Certificate, which is awarded if all of the criteria in the session is passed.

Successful completion of this session allows the swimmer to swim without an adult at Lake86 (with a tow float) and we work with Lake86 to their current requirements.  Please note that just attending the course does NOT guarantee a pass, the swimmer will need to demonstrate a mature attitude to swimming alongside all of the swim skills and completion of the test swim.

As part of this session we give the swimmer their own Swim Secure Tow Woggle to keep, and a Swim England Certificate and Badge to show completion of our session.

Please book a 1-to-1 to take this session, booking this in the SWIMMERS name (not the parent)



Junior Introduction to Open Water Swimming at Lake86

A similar session to our individual junior lake sign off 1-to-1’s but in a group setting.  We will work to the Swim England Level 1 Certificate in Open Water Swimming, and on successful completion the swimmer will be signed off to swim at Lake 86 without an adult in the water with them (with a tow float).

As part of this session the swimmer will be given a swim secure tow woggle to keep.

Swimmer MUST be able to swim 400m non stop front crawl and MUST be aged 12 by the end of  the year.


May 22nd, June 12th (click here to book your date)


Junior Open Water Skills Workshops

 Coming summer 2021.  A set of Junior skills workshops to refine essentials skills for competitive swimmers.

Mail us for more information at this stage.

Swimmer Level: Bespoke services for Swimming Clubs, Triathlon Clubs, Event Organisers, Lake Operators and Media Outlets

Bespoke Club & Corporate Coaching and Open Water / Media Consultancy Services

South West Swim can also offer bespoke coaching services for juniors and adults from swimming clubs and triathlon clubs.  We can also cater for businesses (maybe you have a team event or challenge coming up).  In a bespoke session we will work with you to provide a session that meets your needs as a club or organisation.  

We also work with lake operators, event organisers and media outlets on a consultancy basis.  Head coach Jason has worked with and provided content for magazines, governing bodies, TV and Radio, most recently working with the BBC.

Please contact Jason Tait for more information at

How Do I know If Open Water coaching is Right For Me?

With the most comprehensicve range of open water services around and a huge variety of time slots available (and we can try and arrange bespoke times if needed) we are sure to be able to assist your open water journey.

Here are some frequently asked questions we have from swimmers who are looking to join us and start or develop in open water.


Are you new to open water and never been in that environment before?

We can help.  Look at our ‘Safety Essentials’ and ‘Introduction to Open Water Swimming’ session types.  If you wanted a more private and bespoke session, or are very nervous about entering the open water then book into a 1-to-1 session with Jason.

Jason can guide you through your session and knows what it’s like to have those nerves and fears, believe it or not many years ago Jason was in the same position.  Jason is a fully qualified Aquaphobic coach so can back up his own historic experiences with the latest coaching methods for those with a fear or nervousness of the water.

Have you swum in open water before but want to progress your open water skills to do an event?

Yup, we can help there too.  Look at our ‘Introduction to open water swimming’ session type.  You may then ant to progress your swimming with one of our ‘Open Water Squad’ sessions or a 1-to-1 session.

We can even start developing your swimming before your open water session as we have our own pool for 1-to-1 based sessions and swim squads for group sessions.


Are you training for an event, or just want to swim in a group with focus and structure

We have this covered too.  Check out our ‘open water squad’ and ‘mini open water skills’ sessions.  Our squad sessions are sorted into speed/experience groups and will offer a weekly structured training session mixing both open water skills, swim technique and endurance.
Our mini skills sessions will focus on an open water skill and really get you focusing and learning in the form of a mini workshop.

Do you want to improve your open water skills in the lake

Look at that, we have that covered too!  This is one of our specialities and we can help you learn, refine and perfect all of your open water skills.  We will show you how to adapt them to different environments and bodies of water too.

We can work you through how different open water skills will affect your swim stroke dynamic and technique, advising on how to overcome or work with these areas too.

We will use the latest tech to compliment your session which could include our Swim Stroke Analysis AI or our coach to swimmer headset, dependant on how we coach your session.

Take a look at our 1-to-1 sessions with open water expert Jason Tait, you may also be interested in our ‘mini skills workshops’

So you want to improve your swim stroke, can you do that in a lake?

Oh yes, we can help there.  Head coach Jason Tait is Swim Smooth Certified after all /,and thats what he does day in day out.  Take a look at our 1-to-1 sessions where we can look at your stroke and develop your swimming to the next level.  No two swimmers swim exactly the same, and no two swimmers should be expected to so  will use our knowledge and skills to work in the best way possible for YOU! 

As with open water skills we can also walk you through adapting your stroke for the open water or when performing a certain open water skill, such as sighting or buoy turns.

 We will use the latest tech to compliment your session which could include our Swim Stroke Analysis AI or our coach to swimmer headset, dependant on how we coach your session.

 If you want a really in-depth review of your stroke then consider hitting our Endless pool for a Full Swim Smooth Certified Video Analysis, the gold standard in video sessions.

You. have a junior swimmer who needs lake sign off, or wants to train in open water

Yes, Yes and Yes, we love coaching junior swimmers and have worked with many over the years.  We start coaching Junior swimmers at 12 years old AND if they have at least a county time.

We offer both 1-to-1 sessions, Junior introduction to open water sessions and weekly junior squad sessions.  !-to-1 sessions and Intro session are / can be lake specific and come with lake sign off if the swimmer passes.  We work towards the Swim England Open Water Certificates of Level 1, 2 and 3.

See our “Junior Swimmers’ PAge for more information

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