Open Water Safety Essentials Mini Sessions 2021

South West Swim are the leading provider of Open Water Swim & Triathlon Swim Coaching in the Cotswolds and we are proud to announce our NEW Open Water Safety Essentials Sessions.  

These sessions bespoke for both Lake86 and Lake32 

Cost: £15 (lake86) or £17 (lake32)
Location: Waterland Outdoor Pursuits (lake32) or Cotswold Waterpark Hire (lake86)  See Location section for further details.

With the rapid rise in popularity of Open Water swimming we have developed a new safety essentials mini session for swimmers looking to get into the water for the first time. This session is lake specific and will cover basic safety elements to ensure you know the important basics to give you the knowledge to be safe in the water. This small group session is hosted by South West Swim head coach Jason Tait.  Jason is an respected expert in open water swimming and a fully qualified teacher, coach, open water coach and open water coaching tutor with vast amounts of experience in coaching and swimming himself.




Sessions Content:
The session itself can be held at lake86 or Lake32 and will advise on:

– Swim Kit
– Entry into the water
– Breathing control
– Acclimatisation
– Safety positions
– Self Rescue techniques
– Relaxing
– Lake specific guide for rescue
– Exiting the water and post swim.

,The session is around 45 minutes long and we would be in the water for around 20-30 minutes depending on water temperature.  Please note this session does not get you swimming very far and is mostly about the safety aspects of your swimming and acclimatisation to help you swim better.  If you wanted to learn swim skills for Open Water Swimming then pair this session up with our Full Introduction to Open Water Swimming Workshop. 

 To participate all swimmers will need to bring:

Wetsuit (triathlon/swimming wetsuit NOT a tri suit) – optional in temperatures over 20 degrees on SWS coaches written approval but wetsuits are still  recommended for these sessions due to the stop start nature of skills development. We do offer very good prices on the Zone3 range of Wetsuits which we can obtain for you via Zone3 directly. Please contact us to get your exclusive SWS Team discount.


Bright coloured swim cap (or two), We provide a South West Swim hat as part of your session fee.

Swimming gloves and booties are optional.

A swimming tow float, such as the Swim Secure Tow Float / Dry Bag Range. These are loaned to you as part of the session so don’t worry if you don’t have your own, or they are available on our website.

Upon booking you will receive a 10% off code for use in our retail store on products (Not valid for Wetsuit purchases)

SWS Bespoke, a tailored session to meet your needs or your clubs needs:

If you have your own group of friends, tri club, swim club or want this type of session as a 1-2-1 then we can schedule and tailor a session to your needs.  Please get in contact with us at for details and scheduling options.

a swimmer wishes to have a more informal session (i.e. wishes to swim breaststroke or is particularly nervous about Open water) please contact me and we can arrange a shorter 1-2-1 session or a group session if there are enough swimmers with similar requirements.

If you have any questions email | 

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