This Swim set looks to work your pacing and endurance, making you feel the difference between a slower, maybe easy swim, and a faster effort.  We build from a nice easy base with longer rest into a the longer distances with shorter rest periods.  When you start to Beat the beep on some of the sets think of this as translating into shorter efforts where you may be aiming to catch the swimmer in front or overtake to gain an advantage.  There is no specific warm up as we build straight into the set itself from an easy pace.

You will need to know your calculated CSS pace for this set, see our previous swim set on CSS testing

We are also going to be working odd distances on some of the sessions, to throw you out of the comfort zone.
This set totals 4500m as written but remember to adjust for your own level of swim experience and time by reducing the number of repeats in each section.

We will start at CSS+6 pace, which is your base CSS pace PLUS 6 seconds per 100m. Work this out by taking your base CSS pace per length and add:
3.00 in a 50m pool
2.00 in a 33m pool
1.50 in a 25m pool
1.20 in a 20m pool

Your Finis tempo trainer should be set on MODE 1.
(For example if your CSS pace is 2:00/100m this equates directly to 30 seconds on mode 1 in a 25m pool, CSS plus 6 would mean you change this to 31.5 seconds per length.

This Weeks Set

CSS+6 – 5 x 75m Meet the beep.  Come into the wall and your tempo trainer should beep on each length.  This may take a few lengths to gauge your pace, slow down if going to fast, speed up if going to low, but meet the beep.  DON’T be fooled by how easy this may feel, you have a LONG way to go! Keep with the beeper!  20 seconds Rest between

CSS+5 – 5 x 125m Meet  the beep. Loose the equivalent of 1 second per 100m from the tempo trainer (so, for every second lost equals lose .50 in a 50m pool, .33 in a 33m pool, .25 in a 25m pool or .20 in a 20m pool).  15 seconds Rest Between

CSS+4 – 5 x 175m Meet the beep for the first 100m then get ahead of the beep for the last 75m.  15 seconds rest between

CSS+2 – 4 x 250m Meet the beep for the first 200m then get ahead on the last 50m.  10 seconds rest between

CSS +1 – 3 x 400m Meet the beep and if you have the power beat the beep on the last 50m or 25m.  try and pace this well so you can manage the complete set and only take 5/10 seconds rest between sets.

350m own choice swim or drills, just bring the heart rate down and get rid of the lactate build up.


If you wanted to so more session like this then why not join us for our Squad sessions?
Tuesday 8pm and/or 9pm – Pure technique
Thursday 8pm – Pure Technique
Friday 6am – Endurance and Pacing
Sunday 3:30pm – Sunday Squad
See our pool squad webpage for full information and booking online