This weeks swim is going to focus on some key drill repeats to get your catch and pull mechanics toned up.

For this weeks set we are only going to use four very focused key drills, alongside some repeated swims.

You will need your pull buoys and fins at the ready, with optional paddle use. ┬áThis is a simple set, but don’t let the ease get to you, REALLY focus on those movements in each phase of the stroke.

Todays set is 2km or 2.8km if doing the main set repeat.

Warm Up

400m Easy Swimming
200m Kick on side out > < Front crawl back
100m (as 4 x 25) Torpedo kick NO FINS, 10 seconds rest between

Main Set
Always focusing on good technique, even on the fast bits

100m Pull Buoy Swim
100m Scull 1 out > < Front Crawl back (70% effort) use Buoy

100m Pull Buoy Swim, taking the buoy out for the last 50)
100m Scull 2 out > < Front Crawl back (80% effort)

100m FC Swim, no buoy this time.
100m Scull 3 out > < Front Crawl back (90% effort)

100m Fins Swim
100m Doggy Paddle Extension out > < PFQ (100%) Front crawl back (with Fins)

100m Scull to Doggy paddle combo (as 25m Scull 1, 25m Scull 2, 25m Scull 3, 25m Doggy Paddle) (use Buoy)
100m Very Easy Front Crawl with Optional paddles (Buoy optional)

Repeat above if time, use bands around the ankles for additional development in parts 1 through to 3.

Descending Cool Down with 10 seconds rest between
Still focus on catch and pul technique

50m PFQ (pretty flipping quick / 100%)
50m Fast (90%)
100m Moderate (70-80%)
100m Easy (50-60%)

How was it?
This set is a great way of really focusing on the different stages of the catch and pull AND working it into your swim. ┬áThe latter part is important as we don’t want to be world champion at doggy paddle, only to find that we cannot translate that movement into our swim stroke itself.

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