Swim Smooth Certified Coaching in Swindon, The Cotswolds and Surrounding Area.

Pool, Open Water, Triathlon, Video Analysis & Advanced Stroke Correction, 1-2-1’s & Squads.  No matter what level of athlete you are we have all of your swim coaching needs covered.

South West Swim offer Swim Smooth Certified Coaching to all levels of Swimmer and Triathlete.

POOLOWBe it in the pool or the lake we have all your swimming needs covered:

  • Highly Individual Coaching, as we know not everybody swims the same!
  • Swim Smooth Video Analysis & Advanced Stroke Correction (Endless Pool or Open Water)
  • Pool and Open Water 1-2-1 sessions
  • Swim Smooth Pool Squads covering all aspects of development in defined sessions, the complete all round squad setup.
  • Swim Smooth Open Water Squads (ASA & STA Specialist Open Water Coaching Qualifications)
  • Workshops, Clinics and Bespoke Groups
  • Swim or Tri Club Sessions – Clinics, Open Water workshops or Analysis Sessions
  • Events and Open Water Advisory Services
  • Swim Retail


We are passionate about swimming and improving swim technique and fitness, be it in the open water or pool.  Our mission is to educate, inspire and improve your swim in a productive yet friendly and fun way, whilst building fitness and endurance so you can exceed your goals, be it in an event or just against yourself.

Join us and notice the difference!

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