As you may know, this year we are sponsoring a couple of athletes for their charity events in 2016.  Last time we heard from Sasha, this week we hear from our prime sponsor David.  See what he has been up to below.
Well what a couple of weeks that’s been!
Firstly I finally made my first 10k at lake 32 Waterland outdoor pursuits (lake32) only to realise my all singing all dancing garmin was measuring in yards so I was just under, but it was still a 4 hour plus swim all the same and my first time of practicing feeding after being reminded by Jason this was an important step in my journey to Windermere,
My next challenge saw me swimming all 4 waves at the Bowood tri, the lessons I’ve learned with South West Swim again came in handy, having only event swam in the chilly dippers in the winter at Lake32, which is a lot quieter than the rush of a triathlon. I think most importantly now knowing what sighting is and how to use it in a race probably kept me in front of faster swimmers than me. I was most nervous of the start, and the washing machine that is the unique experience in an open water / Tri start, but really weirdly enjoyed it.  I swam 3 back to back 750 m which I covered in about 16 minutes with a quick breather in between then a 400 m , this was also helped I’m sure by my new zone 3 wetsuits which I purchased from Jason , after looking around and ending up scratching my head a few chats with J and it was on the door mat in 2 days , with really good prices 😀with out any fuss.  Wearing a proper Swimming wetsuit has already knocked off about 11 minutes from my 2 miles ,
I then moved on to swim Weymouth bay my first proper sea swim it was really rough but spurred on by friends family and swimmers from Weymouth bay sea swimmers who joined me for the first half soon put the nerves at ease ,
I’ve not see Jason in lake sessions due to everything going on for a few weeks but will be booking up soon for a 1-2-1 session with him to see how things are going , but lessons all ready covered have really helped and will continue to do so , I’ve got another 10k race in a few weeks at the Cotswolds and it’s only 7 weeks now to the big one , swimming lake Windermere on my boys 21st birthday 😍.
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