Junior & Youth Video Analysis



What we do?
Film your stroke in HD, capturing every action and movement above and below the water.  Our Junior session is a cut down version of our full adult video analysis session.  We keep it shorter as we find the attention span of the average youth swimmer is less than that of an adult.  We do not offer adult sessions to swimmers under the age of 14.  The video session we offer are only available for front crawl, we do not offer video for the other competitive strokes but can coach on a 1-2-1 basis, by arrangement only (please contact us before booking).


Who is this session for?
These sessions are ideal for swim or triathlon club swimmers aged  9 to 14 years old (over 14 years we recommend a full adult Video Analysis session).  The swimmer should be near or above the standards set for Swim England County Championship level as a minimum requirement.  These are not learn to swim sessions and the swimmer must have a good foundation stroke to be coached to make the most out of the session and be relevant to the swimmer when they go back to their normal club environment.


Please contact us if you are unsure if this session type will suit your swimmer before Booking.


Where can I have this done?

South West Swim are very excited to be able to offer video analysis sessions in:
Our own private Endless Pools swimming machine (Swindon).  An endless pool gives a great experience, but can be a little different until the swimmer has got used to it.


What do I get?
Full HD footage of the analysis with two way commentary with coach and swimmer
RAW Footage of your swim
1 Month Free Access to the Swim Smooth Guru website
Suggestions of key drills to develop the young swimmers stroke
Elite Athlete Visulisations (and comparisons)
A building block to a better stroke
The vast expertise of your Swim Smooth Coach
Duration: Endless Pool session 55-60mins Max.
Cost:  £60


Please not all sessions for juniors must be booked in the participant (swimmers) name and not the parent for guardians name.  Please use the booking widget below to book your session, or head straight to our booking system at www.booking.southwestswim.co.uk


please see the video at the bottom of the page on how to create a child account

Important Note on DBS, Child Safety and Video Storage:
This session is coached by Jason Tait, Lead Coach of South West Swim.  Jason has vast experience of working with swimmers of all ages at club level and holds current DBS with both local authority (school) and Swimming club.
It is also important to note that as part of this session we film the swimmer in the water.  This footage is kept for our records (we use this to recap in future sessions) and is stored on Apple MacBook Laptop before being transferred to removable hard drive, and potentially backed up to Google Drive if required.  The Video footage is never shared or distributed (other than to the parent at the time of a session) with any third parties without consent. If we do wish to use the footage for promotional purposes on social media etc we will ask for permission from the parent or guardian (and we will not be offended at all if this permission is refused). If you do not wish for any video footage or images to be stored by South West Swim then please advise us when asked in the session and we will delete this form our system once copied to your card on the day.  Once deleted this video will not be 
retrievable in the event of loss of the USB card by the client.






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**Please note the T&C’s of booking a video analysis session at South West Swim Terms & Conditions, please pay particular attention to the Video Analysis heading.**