This weeks set is a copy of our squad set from a few weeks ago, which is based loosely on a Swim Smooth set that I have personally swum in the past.

This session is designed to get you feeling the body position in your stroke, with lots of engagement of the core to really enhance all areas of your swim.

As always tweak the distances for your swim level and allotted swim time but try and carry out all of the exercises as it build nicely into a very well rounded set.

Warm Up

400m Easy Front Crawl, with short bursts of Speed every 3rd length
Breath Every 3 out, 5 back

Main 1 – Can you Kick it?
3 x 150 Around the world kick (Fins on)

This is performed as 1 length Torpedo kick on Back, 1 length Kick on side right, 1 Length torpedo kick on front, 1 length kick on side left, then 2 lengths Front Crawl holding great body position.

5 minute Swim (Fins off)
5 mins of Torpedo Kick into swim out, easy swim back (5 seconds rest between each 50m).  The torpedo kick to swim should be a fast effort, recovery on the second 25m, plus 5 seconds.


Main 2 – Can you feel it? Engage that core
9 x 50m as:

Length 1,4,7 – Pull buoy Swim (buoy between thighs) – Visualisation = Big toes touching
Length 2,5,9 – Pull buoy Swim (buoy between ankles or use a Finis AXIS buoy) – Visualisation = Engage core upwards / tighten the string attached from belly button to pelvis.
Length 3,6,9 – PFQ Sprint Swim, engage core and bring big toes together as in the drills above.

Main 3 – Put it together
250m – Fins Swim with Paddles – Work on good form and alignment (Finis Freestyler paddles recommended)

250m – Pull Buoy Swim, dropping pull buoy out for the last 100m

250m – reverse build swim, start fast and gradually reduct power to easy through the set

Main 4 into cool down  – Finish off with some catch revision
100m – Pull buoy. Scull and doggy combo – Scull 1 > Scull 2 > Doggy Paddle > Front crawl
100m – Easy Swim focusing on each stage of the catch, pull buoy optional
100m – Pull buoy.  Doggy Paddle and scull combo – Doggy Paddle > Scull 1 > Scull 2 > Easy FC swim
100m – Cooldown FC

How was it?
This set is a great way of really focusing on the different stages of the catch and pull AND working it into your swim.  The latter part is important as we don’t want to be world champion at doggy paddle, only to find that we cannot translate that movement into our swim stroke itself.

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